A Blog in a Blog: The Word is Life (TWIL)

Author: Nicholle Check ~ September 11, 2017

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Many catechists and teachers have a ritual as they sit down to plan their weekly lesson. It usually involves prayer, meditation, and reflection on the Sunday Gospel. The editors of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies suggest another way to “get into” the week’s lesson—The Word Is Life or TWIL. Every week, TWIL blogger Kevin Dowd posts reflections on the Sunday readings, current events and issues, and how they impact Catholics. Each post also includes a link to the weekend readings.

Kevin Dowd is an adjunct professor at Anna Maria College in Massachusetts and a doctoral candidate in theology and education at Boston College in the School of Theology and Ministry. Among his interests are addressing the problem of bullying in our schools, working on inter-faith dialogue to promote peace and understanding, and finding ways to help teachers and administrators feel comfortable with teaching about religion in the U.S. public schools in ways that are true to both the demands of a holistic education and the confines of the First Amendment. Kevin speaks at various conferences throughout the United States on many topics, including his popular, “Using the Bully Pulpit: A Christian Ministerial Response to the Violence of Bullying in Our Schools.”

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