Name That Prayer

Author: Nicholle Check ~ September 25, 2018


Children will come to class with varying experience with the prayers of the Church, including the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, the Blessing Before Meals, and the Act of Contrition. The free printable How Well Do You Know Your Prayers? will help identify the prayers that children know well and those that may need some time and attention. This activity page is intended for Venture students but may be adapted for use with all levels. Many of the prayers are also included in the What the Church Believes and Teaches and Mi fe católica handbooks.


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One Response to “Name That Prayer”

  1. Maria Senecal says:

    I really appreciate this resource. I was just looking for a way to find out what my 7th graders know.

    Every year I find that I need to brush up on prayers with them. When I think they would know the most basic like the Lord’s Prayer I always find one who doesn’t remember.
    Thank you

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