FROM OUR EDITORS—July 22, 2018 – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Author: Joan McKamey ~ July 15, 2018

Even these “lazy days” of summer can be busy and draining. In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus acknowledges our human need for rest and models both compassion and self-sacrifice. While on a family vacation last week, I got a glimpse of the daily life of my younger sister. As they tended to the needs of their four young sons, she and her husband were [...]


Your Catechism Companion

Author: Nicholle Check ~ November 1, 2017

Every Pflaum Gospel Weeklies lesson is based on the Sunday Gospel and related Church doctrine. Each child receives a copy of the What the Church Believes and Teaches Catechism handbook at the beginning of the school year. In each lesson, the editors reference a section of this handbook, which reinforces the doctrine. The Teaching Guides […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – November 12, 2017

Author: David Dziena ~ November 1, 2017

Matthew 25:1–13 In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus uses the parable of the bridegroom and 10 girls to tell his disciples to remain vigilant. The parable describes some of the girls as foolish and some as wise. Those who were ready for the bridegroom went into the wedding feast. The bridegroom, however, didn’t even acknowledge those […]


What’s That Word?

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

If you play the piano, you know many special words to help you play a piece as the composer intended. For example, if you see the letter “p” marked on a passage, you know that it stands for pianissimo, which means “very soft.” Like music, every other study, work, hobby, or sport has its own […]


Saints: A Pair of Martins

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

The Church honors two saints named Martin in early November—Saint Martin de Porres on November 3, and Saint Martin of Tours on November 11. These two Martins are separated by their occupations, the vast Atlantic Ocean, and 1,200 years. What unites them is their unfailing charity. Share the story of Two Saints Named Martin with […]


Family Prayer for All Saints’ Day

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

The Solemnity of All Saints (All Saints’ Day) on Wednesday, November 1, is a holy day of obligation. While families will attend Mass together, they may also choose to remember the beloved dead in their family with a prayer service at home. Children of all ages can understand that saints are God’s special friends in […]


Saint Charles Borromeo (November 4)

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

Saint Charles Borromeo packed a lot of living into his 46 years (1538–  1584). Born an aristocrat, he was a bishop and cardinal who gave away his fortune. He had a speech impediment, yet his listeners were inspired by his preaching. He wrote a catechism and organized the final session of the Council of Trent, […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – November 5, 2017

Author: David Dziena ~ October 24, 2017

Matthew 23:1–12 In this Sunday’s Gospel, the Pharisees take the best seats in the house to show how important they are. They act only if it benefits them, but Jesus tells his followers to follow only what the Pharisees preach, not what they do. They burden others and do not help. Jesus, however, teaches his […]




SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—July 22, 2018 – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Inspiration for Catechists

Catechists as Disciples

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—July 29, 2018 – 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time