FROM OUR EDITORS — Sunday, December 17 – 3rd Sunday of Advent

Author: Joan McKamey ~ December 4, 2017

Pointing the way to Jesus. That was John the Baptist’s role. He answered clearly and humbly that he was not the Christ and that he was not even worthy to untie Jesus’ sandal strap. John’s clarity about his role can help us reflect on our own. How do we point the way to Jesus? Is the larger part of our motivation for doing good works the [...]


World Day of the Poor—Love in Word and Deed

Author: Joan McKamey ~ November 7, 2017

The tagline for the First World Day of the Poor (November 19) is “Love not in word but in deed.” I think it’s assumed we’re to read it as “Love not only in word but also in deed.” Through the Gospel Weeklies, children learn that Jesus wants us to show our love in both word […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – November 19, 2017

Author: David Dziena ~ November 7, 2017

  Matthew 25:14–30 In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells a pointed story about three servants. Their master entrusts them with varying amounts of money. Two of the servants double their money, but fear gets in the way of the third servant. All he can do is preserve what he has. The challenge for all of […]


What Did You Learn Today?

Author: Nicholle Check ~ November 1, 2017

It’s the question nearly every parent asks at the end of the day: So, what did you learn today? Retention is everything. We want the children to take the information they encounter in class and be able to apply it, make it their own, and even share it with others. Assessments are one way to determine […]


Your Catechism Companion

Author: Nicholle Check ~ November 1, 2017

Every Pflaum Gospel Weeklies lesson is based on the Sunday Gospel and related Church doctrine. Each child receives a copy of the What the Church Believes and Teaches Catechism handbook at the beginning of the school year. In each lesson, the editors reference a section of this handbook, which reinforces the doctrine. The Teaching Guides […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – November 12, 2017

Author: David Dziena ~ November 1, 2017

Matthew 25:1–13 In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus uses the parable of the bridegroom and 10 girls to tell his disciples to remain vigilant. The parable describes some of the girls as foolish and some as wise. Those who were ready for the bridegroom went into the wedding feast. The bridegroom, however, didn’t even acknowledge those […]


What’s That Word?

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

If you play the piano, you know many special words to help you play a piece as the composer intended. For example, if you see the letter “p” marked on a passage, you know that it stands for pianissimo, which means “very soft.” Like music, every other study, work, hobby, or sport has its own […]


Saints: A Pair of Martins

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

The Church honors two saints named Martin in early November—Saint Martin de Porres on November 3, and Saint Martin of Tours on November 11. These two Martins are separated by their occupations, the vast Atlantic Ocean, and 1,200 years. What unites them is their unfailing charity. Share the story of Two Saints Named Martin with […]




Christmas Quiz

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL — Sunday, December 24

Longing for Jesus: The O Antiphons