FROM OUR EDITORS—January 27, 2019 – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Author: Erika De Urquidi ~ January 21, 2019

In this Sunday's Second Reading, Saint Paul reminds us that we are members of the Body of Christ and that even though each member has a different role, all of us are equally important and vital for the body to survive. Pope Francis exhorts us to “remember more often what we are, what the Lord Jesus made of us: we are his body: that body which [...]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—December 16, 2018 – 3rd Sunday of Advent

Author: David Dziena ~ December 11, 2018

Luke 3:10–18 In this Advent Gospel, John the Baptist answers some specific questions about preparing for the coming of the Messiah. He urges the sharing of food and clothing. He asked tax collectors to be fair and soldiers to be satisfied with their wages. Most of all, John pointed to the one who is to […]


Las Posadas: A Christmas Tradition

Author: Erika De Urquidi ~ December 11, 2018

Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí.  One way that people in Latin America anticipate celebrating Jesus’ coming at Christmas is by celebrating Posadas. But what is a Posada? Posadas are popular celebrations that take place during Advent in Mexico and Guatemala. Some other countries like Colombia and Venezuela have similar festivities called Novenas. […]


Las posadas: una tradición navideña

Author: Erika De Urquidi ~ December 11, 2018

Una manera de anticipar la llegada de Jesús en la Navidad es con la celebración de las posadas. Pero… ¿qué es una posada? Las posadas son fiestas populares que tienen como fin prepararnos para la Navidad y que se celebran en algunos países de América Latina como México y Guatemala. En otros países como Colombia […]


The Countdown to Christmas

Author: Nicholle Check ~ December 11, 2018

The days leading to Christmas can be challenging for catechists and children. Catechists strive to retain order and routine amongst pageant rehearsals and the children’s excitement about treats, vacation, and presents. Remind your Visions students that we are still in the waiting season of Advent. Talk about why waiting can be hard and what they […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—November 25, 2018 – Solemnity of Christ the King

Author: David Dziena ~ November 28, 2018

John 18:33b–37 The Gospel for this great feast is the story of Jesus before Pilate. In this Gospel, Jesus explains that his Kingdom is not of this world. Jesus came into the world to give witness to the truth. The Gospel and the feast give all an invitation to build up God’s kingdom in their […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—December 2, 2018 – 1st Sunday of Advent

Author: David Dziena ~ November 27, 2018

Luke 21:25–28, 34–36 The Advent Sundays pave the way for the celebration of Jesus’ first coming at his birth in Bethlehem, his Second Coming at the end of time, and his continued coming to all who gather in his name. This Sunday’s Gospel describes that Second Coming and the fulfillment of the human race at […]




SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—January 27, 2019 – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Celebrate Catholic Schools Week

The Presentation of the Lord

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—February 3, 2019 – 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time