FROM OUR EDITORS — Sunday, December 17 – 3rd Sunday of Advent

Author: Joan McKamey ~ December 4, 2017

Pointing the way to Jesus. That was John the Baptist’s role. He answered clearly and humbly that he was not the Christ and that he was not even worthy to untie Jesus’ sandal strap. John’s clarity about his role can help us reflect on our own. How do we point the way to Jesus? Is the larger part of our motivation for doing good works the [...]


Family Prayer for All Saints’ Day

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

The Solemnity of All Saints (All Saints’ Day) on Wednesday, November 1, is a holy day of obligation. While families will attend Mass together, they may also choose to remember the beloved dead in their family with a prayer service at home. Children of all ages can understand that saints are God’s special friends in […]


Saint Charles Borromeo (November 4)

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

Saint Charles Borromeo packed a lot of living into his 46 years (1538–  1584). Born an aristocrat, he was a bishop and cardinal who gave away his fortune. He had a speech impediment, yet his listeners were inspired by his preaching. He wrote a catechism and organized the final session of the Council of Trent, […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – November 5, 2017

Author: David Dziena ~ October 24, 2017

Matthew 23:1–12 In this Sunday’s Gospel, the Pharisees take the best seats in the house to show how important they are. They act only if it benefits them, but Jesus tells his followers to follow only what the Pharisees preach, not what they do. They burden others and do not help. Jesus, however, teaches his […]


Catholic Resources

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 17, 2017

Catechists often seek sources to improve their own knowledge of the Catholic faith and its culture and history. Along with the seasonal activity pages, Pflaum offers four sets of Catholic Resource pages throughout the catechetical year. Use them to boost your understanding of Catholic saints, feasts, prayers, and vocabulary. You may also wish to share […]


Attention All Early Birds!

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 17, 2017

Don’t blink: the calendar flips to November in just two weeks, and Advent begins on December 3. We know that some of you like to get a jump on planning your Advent and Christmas activities. Free Holiday activity pages are now available for all levels. Don’t worry though: While the editors want to help you […]


500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Author: Joan McKamey ~ October 17, 2017

Martin Luther, a Catholic monk, didn’t set out to break from the Church. Yet his expression of concerns about the selling of indulgences was the spark that ignited the Protestant Reformation. Pope Francis has said, “The intention of Martin Luther 500 years ago was to renew the Church, not divide her.” This is a reminder […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – October 29, 2017

Author: David Dziena ~ October 17, 2017

Matthew 22:34–40 In this Sunday’s Gospel, the Pharisees are again trying to test Jesus. They were well aware that there are many laws in the first five books of the Bible—the books the Jews call the Torah, or the Law. The Pharisees asked Jesus which law was the greatest. Jesus answered at once: To love […]




Christmas Quiz

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL — Sunday, December 24

Longing for Jesus: The O Antiphons