Saint Joseph: Faithful Father and Husband

Author: Nicholle Check ~ March 12, 2018


During each Mass, the priest asks for God’s mercy as he prays these or similar words: “with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and blessed Joseph, her Spouse.” Joseph is the member of the Holy Family we know least about. We know him as a carpenter or skilled laborer. And, from the time he learns Mary is with child, we know Joseph as a faithful, steady, constant presence. The Church honors Saint Joseph on not one, but two feast days—March 19 and May 1. On the second date, we celebrate Saint Joseph the Worker. Saint Joseph is widely known as the patron of workers, a happy death, families, and the universal Church.

Read the Catholic Resource page Saint Joseph (1st century) and then ask the children what they already know about Saint Joseph.


Photo credit: Laurent Larcher/CIRIC

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