Seasons of the Church Year

Author: Nicholle Check ~ February 19, 2019


There’s always something going on in the Church, whether it’s a feast day or other celebration or we’re in the midst of a special liturgical season. Knowing where we are in the Church Year will help keep children and young people more engaged in the Mass. Encourage them to notice the colors displayed on the altar and ambo or worn by the priests and deacons. Ask: Which season does this color stand for? What does it symbolize? You may choose to use The Seasons of the Church Year quiz with your Visions students or as a send-home resource for families guiding younger children. Visit the sanctuary as a class and identify the season. Also, find out who facilitates the “changing of the seasons” in your parish and thank them—it’s a big responsibility!

Image credit: P.RAZZO/CIRIC

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