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Teaching GuideOVERVIEWIn Sunday’s Gospel Jesus is sad because his friend Lazarus has died. Jesus turns to God in his sadness and brings Lazarus back to life. Promise focuses on the feelings that children often experience and explores how our emotions can bring us closer to each other and to God.Children need your help to recognize that feelings are something good God has given us. Feelings tell us what is going on inside of us. We need to learn what to do with our feelings so we don’t harm others or make ourselves miserable, but they are a good gift from God, just as our brains and our bodies are.MATERIALS: Scissors, glue or tape, Promise music CD, CD player. Separate pages 1-2 of Promise from pages 3-4 before class.SHARING LIFE STORIESOBJECTIVE: The children will identify sad, happy, angry, lonely, excited, afraid, and peaceful feelings.1. PRAY AND SING Begin class by playing “Children of God” on the Promise music CD. Have the children sing along. Pray this prayer or one of your own making. They respond, “Amen.”Dear God, we know you love us just as we are. You love us when we are happy and when we are sad. You love us when we are angry and when we are lonely. You love us when we gather together to learn about you. Please be with us today. We love you, too.2. STORY: Martin and Shamrock Ask if any of the children have pets. What do you like about your pet? How do you care for your pet? Have you ever had a worry about yourpet? Today’s story is about a boy named Martin and his dog, Shamrock—Martin and Shamrock played together every day when Martin got home from school. Sometimes they played tag. Sometimes Martin threw a hard rubber ball as far as he could, and Shamrock chased it down and brought it back. Sometimes they played frisbee. Martin took good care of Shamrock. He gave her food and water and brushed her fur. When Martin and Shamrock went for walks, he used a collar and leash. “You should keep a collar on Shamrock all the time. What if she got lost?” Martin’s sister Ann told him. Martin said, “Our yard has a big fence around it. She can’t get out so she can’t get lost.”One day Jonah came over to Martin’s yard to play in Martin’s treehouse. While they were playing, the sky beganto get dark. All of a sudden, there was a big flash of lightning and a loud clap of thunder. Martin ran into the house, and Jonah ran across the yard and through the gate to his own house. It rained hard. Martin and Shamrock watched the rain hit the deck and bounce off Mom’s flowers. When the rain stopped, Martin let Shamrock out into the yard. But when heApril 2, 2017 • 5th Sunday of LentSunday Readings: Ezekiel 37.12-14; Romans 8.8-11; John 11.1-45called her to come in, Shamrock didn’t come. Martin looked all over the yard and under the deck. He called and called, “Shamrock! Shamrock!” Then he noticed the gate in the fence was open. Jonah had been in such a hurry to get home, he hadn’t closed the gate. Shamrock had gotten out.“We will all look for Shamrock,” Dad said. Martin’s family walked up and down all the blocks around them, calling “Shamrock! Shamrock!” When it got dark, Dad said, “We have to stop looking now. We will go out again tomorrow. We will find Shamrock.” Martin tried not to cry, but he was very worried. He was worried and sad when he went to bed and he was still worried when he woke up the next morning. Martin jumped out of bed and got dressed. Then he heard voicesin the backyard. When he looked out the window, there was Mom with Shamrock in her arms! “Shamrock! You came home!” Martin yelled out the window. He ran down the stairs and into the yard. “Where did you find her?” Martin asked, hugging Shamrock. “I went out early this morning to look for her,” Dad said. “A lady in the next block told me that a little dog without a collar had walked into her house last night. The lady didn’t know how to find the dog’s family, so she called the animal rescue people. I went down to their place, and there was Shamrock.” Martin hugged Shamrock even tighter. “I will always put her collar on from now on,” Martin said. He got the little rubber ball and played with Shamrock for a long time.Ask: How does having a pet make Martin feel? What does Martin do for Shamrock? What makes Martin sad and worried? What is a new way he can be a good owner?Ask the children if a sad or happy thing has happened to them. Some children may have experienced real tragedy in their lives. Acknowledge these sadnesses but don’t dwell on them at this time. It is good for the children to express their feelings, but they may need private time with you or a staff member of your school or parish.3. STRETCH AND SING Move to the open area. Havethe children stand in a circle. Tell them to pretend they are Shamrock. They get on their hands and knees and stretch like a dog does, then roll over with feet and hands in the air. Back on their hands and knees, they try to catch the frisbee and retrieve the ball. Conclude by standing in the circle again and singing—Where, oh where, can my little dog be? Where, oh where, can she be?With her head held high and her tail hung low. Where, oh where, can she be?4. COVER ACTIVITY: I have feelings Go back to the story circle and distribute pages 1-2 of Promise. Have the children tell how the children in the cover illustration may be feeling. Help them be as specific as they can about the feeling and why the child may be feeling that way. For instance, the child sitting by himself is having a time-out and may be angry orTG4-10

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