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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus cares about his friends.lonely. It doesn’t matter what emotions the children attribute to the children in the illustration. This activity gets them ready for the Gospel story and the rest of the lesson.Conclude by asking if feeling sad is a good feeling. The children may say, “No.” Tell them that all our feelings are good because they tell us what is going on inside of us. The important thing is learning what to do with a sad feeling or an angry feeling. God gave us our feelings, and they are good.LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize Jesus had human feelings like theirs.5. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: Jesus cares about his friends Gather in the area where you proclaim the Gospel. Tell the children that today’s Gospel story tells about Jesus’ feelings for his friends—Lazarus and his sisters, Martha and Mary, were good friends of Jesus. One day Lazarus got sick. Mary and Martha were worried about him, so they wrote a letter to Jesus: “Dear Jesus, your friend Lazarus is very sick. Please come.” When Jesus got the letter, he felt sad.But by the time Jesus got to Lazarus’s house, Lazarus had died. Martha saw Jesus coming down the road. She ranout to meet him. Martha said, “Jesus, if you had been here, Lazarus would not have died.” Jesus said to Martha, “Believe in me.” Martha answered, “I do believe in you, Jesus.” Then Mary came out of the house. She started to cry when she saw Jesus. She said, “Jesus, if you had been here, Lazarus would not have died.” Then Jesus started to cry, too. “Take me to his tomb,” Jesus said. They went to the place where Lazarus was buried. Jesus asked someone to roll the big rock away from the entrance to the tomb. Jesus prayed to God, “Father, I know you hear my prayer.” Then he said, “Lazarus, come out!” Lazarus walked out of the tomb, alive and well. Mary and Martha hugged Jesus. They said, “We believe you are God’s Son.”6. DRAMATIZING THE GOSPEL Have the children dramatize the parts of Mary, Martha, and Jesus. They can refer to the scenes on page 2. Ask them to show with their faces and whole bodies how Mary and Martha felt when Lazarus was sick, when they wrote to Jesus, when Lazarus died, when Jesus came, when Jesus called Lazarus back to life. Then have them name and show Jesus’ feelings when he heard Lazarus was sick, when Martha told him Lazarus was dead, when Lazarus was alive with his sisters again.Conclude by saying Jesus had feelings just like Martha and Mary. Jesus’ feelings were a gift from God just as our feelings are.7. STRETCH AND SING Lead the children in this song about feelings—If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re happy and you know it,And you really want to show it,If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.Repeat, substituting the following—If you’re sad and you know it, start to cry (boo, hoo). If you’re mad and you know it, stomp your feet.If you’re silly and you know it, start to laugh.If you’re scared and you know it, start to shiver.Conclude with the following verse, and lead the children to the work area—If you’re peaceful and you know it, follow me.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize God has given them their feelings and that their feelings are good.8. ACTIVITY: I have feelings Distribute pages 3-4 of Promise. Have the children cut off the strip of faces on page 4, cut the six squares apart, and put them on the cornerof their desk or table. Read together the sentences about feelings on page 4. They are the same feelings the children in the cover illustration were experiencing and the same as some in the Gospel story. Ask the children to take up their little pile of squares with the children’s faces and match the picturesto the sentences. Distribute glue or tape so the children can keep the pictures in place.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESPage 25, Angels to Guide Us This page has a prayer that many adults know and teach to children. Read the page together. Give children plenty of time to ask questions. They heard stories about angels at Christmas time. An angel told Mary she would be the Mother of God. Another angel told Joseph what Jesus’ name would be. An angel also helped Mary, Joseph, and Jesus escape from King Herod. Conclude that angels are messengers from God. Our guardian angels help keep us close to God.TG4-119. ACTIVITY: My feelings are good Have the children read these rebus sentences on page 3 and draw on the blank face to express the feeling they think the speaker has.10. CONCLUDING PRAYER Have the children bring their copies of page 2 of Promise to the prayer circle and tell you what each person is asking for in the scenes. Let the children tell what they want to ask Jesus for today. Take time for all the petitions the children have in their hearts.

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