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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus gives his life for us.spread their cloaks on the road in front of him. They shouted, “Hosanna! Welcome, Jesus!”Explain the children will receive palms in church and what to do with them. Then continue with Jesus’ story—Many leaders among Jesus’ people feared him. They thought Jesus put himself too much in God’s place. Some thought he wanted to be king. They made a plan to arrest Jesus and got one of his friends to help. But before that, Jesus gathered his friends together for a special supper.(Light the candle; show the illustration in the booklet.)At this supper Jesus promised to be with his friends always and gave them his Body and Blood under the appearance of bread and wine as a way to remember his love.Soldiers arrested Jesus right after supper. The next day they put him to death on a cross on a hill outside the city.(Show illustration.)Jesus’ Mother, his friend John, and some women friends stayed with him. Jesus prayed to God, “Father, forgive them,” just before he died.(Turn off candle. Show illustration.)Very early on Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’ tomb. The tomb was empty! She thought someone had stolen Jesus’ body. She ran to tell Peter and John, who ran back with her to see for themselves. Jesus was gone.Tell the children they will hear more about Mary Magdalene next week on Easter Sunday. She is a disciple like the Samaritan woman. She told the Good News of Jesus’ rising from the dead to his other followers.(Show last illustration and light the candle again.)BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize Hosanna as a word people used to welcome Jesus.7. ACTIVITY: Hosanna Move to the work area. Call for the children’s attention by saying “Hosanna” very loudly. Ask them to say it with you. Tell them that when Jesus livedon earth, people shouted “Hosanna” when a king wouldride through the town. It means, “Save us.” People were acknowledging the king could help them.Distribute pages 3-4 of Promise. Show the childrenthe four strips with the word “Hosanna” printed on them. Distribute crayons or markers so the children can color the letters. It is much easier to color before the strips are cut off. If you do not have time for coloring, let this part go. Distribute scissors and show the children how to make four Hosanna strips. Set the strips aside.8. ACTIVITY: My Easter Book Now that the Hosanna strips are cut off, the booklet is ready to fold. Demonstrate howto fold the page so the picture of Jesus on the donkey is the cover. When all the books are ready, go through them page by page, listening as the children tell you the story.9. ACTIVITY: “Welcome, Jesus” Windsock Ask the children if they know what a windsock is. Some may have seen them at airports. Have them turn over the cover page and find the colorful art and the words “Welcome, Jesus.” A drawing of a windsock is at the top of the page. Direct the children to cut across the page where the scissor icons indicate.Have the children find their four Hosanna strips. Show them how to position the strips across the bottom of the page. Tape, glue, or staple them into place. Then demonstrate how to roll the pages into a cylinder shape. Tape or staple the cylinders together and add a length of yarn at the top. Give each child a dowel or a small branch. Tie the windsocks to the dowels to make it easy for the children to carry.10. CONCLUDING PRAYER Have the children gather at one end of your meeting space with their windsocks. Teach them the following words to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”—If Jesus is your friend, shout Hosanna.If Jesus is your friend, shout Hosanna.If Jesus is your friend, and you’re with him to the end, If Jesus is your friend, shout Hosanna.EXTENDING ACTIVITY11. BUTTERFLY TREE Make a page of simple butterfly shapes and duplicate a copy for each child. The children color the butterflies and cut them out. Fold their wings so the uncolored side is inside and hang them by thread from the lights or ceiling tiles. Or, find a branch or large green plant and decorate it with butterflies.TG4-13

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