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GOSPEL THEME: God raised Jesus from the dead.LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will hear the Easter Good News of Jesus’ Resurrection.4. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: God raised Jesus from the deadA. What happened on Easter morning? Recall with the children how the soldiers had arrested Jesus and put him on a cross on a hill outside the city. Remind them how Jesus’ Mother, his friend John, and some of the women who followed him stayed with him. After he died, his friends put his body in a tomb.Use your copy of Promise to tell the story of Easter morning, pages 2-3. Read across the top row of boxes. When you finish, ask the children to show with their faces and bodies how Mary Magdalene felt when she saw the tomb was empty, when she told Peter, when she met the man she thoughtwas the gardener, when Jesus called her by name. Have the children say the words Mary said, “I have seen Jesus!”B. What happened on Easter evening? Lead into the story of that Easter evening by asking if the other followersof Jesus felt bad that they had not seen Jesus. How else did they feel? Ashamed for not staying with Jesus, afraid of the people who killed Jesus. Read the story of Easter evening across the bottom of pages 2-3. When you are finished, review the details with the children and end by asking them to say the words Jesus said to his friends: “Peace be with you.”5. SONG: Alleluia Move from the Gospel storytelling area to the work area while singing this Easter song to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”—Alleluia! Alleluia!Is our song. Is our song.We are Easter people. We are Easter people. Sing along. Sing along.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will retell the Easter stories to each other and to family members.6. GOSPEL ACTIVITY: The Easter Story Picture ShowGather the children in the work area and have them open Promise with the cover and page 4 facing up. Tell them they will now have their own picture show sharing the Easter stories. Review the Easter morning story by discussing the top row of pictures, going from right to left. Next review the Easter evening story. Demonstrate how to cut the strips apart on the heavy horizontal line and have the children do so. The children can easily thread their story strips through the cuts. Show the children how to thread one of the stories into thepicture screen and announce the title. As they pull the strip through, they can tell the story or read it from the panels. Have them take turns showing and telling their stories to each other in pairs or in groups of four, each child taking one frame.7. ACTIVITY: We find signs of Easter Use the activity on page 2 to make the children aware of Easter symbols—eggs, chicks, butterflies, flowers, seeds. Explain that colored and decorated eggs are a common Easter symbol. Many living things come from eggs. Just as new life is hidden inside an egg, so Jesus was hidden inside the tomb after he died. And just as a baby bird breaks through its hard eggshell to join life outside the egg, Jesus broke out of the tomb when he rose from the dead on Easter. Easter eggs remind us of Jesus’ new life.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESPage 14, Your Baptism Your parish may have celebratedthe Sacrament of Baptism at the Easter Vigil. Talk with the children about the rite of Baptism, enjoying what they find memorable and significant. Distribute the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and read over page 14 together. Most of the children will need help completing the page. Send the books home with a note asking parents to talk with their children about his or her baptism and complete the page. You may need to email the parents to remind them to send the books back with their children.8. CONCLUDING PRAYER Conclude class by singing the Alleluia round again or by using this simple litany—Leader: Thank you, God, for raising Jesus to new life. Children: Alleluia.Leader: Thank you, God, for giving each of us life. Children: Alleluia.Leader asks children for their prayers of petition.EXTENDING ACTIVITY9. CHURCH VISIT Make a symbol sheet with the following items on it—Paschal candleBaptismal fontLiliesVestments for EasterThe word AlleluiaStained-glass window (if you have one in your church that depicts the Resurrection)Duplicate a copy of this page for each child. Takethe children to church and point out each symbol and its importance. Give them each a crayon so they can add color to the symbol on their page. Gather near the altar to sing your Easter Alleluia song before returning to the classroom.TG4-15

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