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GOSPEL THEME: We meet Jesus in the Eucharist and Gospels.It was the Sunday after Jesus had been put to death. Two of Jesus’ friends sadly walked home from Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus. They were talking about Jesus and asking each other why he had to die such a terrible death. They had hoped Jesus would be their great king.A stranger came along and asked what they were talking about. The stranger was Jesus, but they didn’t recognize him. “Didn’t you hear about Jesus?” they asked the stranger. “They crucified Jesus, our teacher and leader. Now some of our friends have found that his body has been taken from the tomb.” The stranger began to explain how their holy books said God’s servant would have to suffer. As Jesus talked, they felt their hearts beat with excitement.As they drew near to Emmaus, the two asked the stranger to eat with them. The stranger agreed. When they sat down, the stranger took bread, blessed it, and gave it to them. Then they recognized the stranger was Jesus! But he vanished. “No wonder my heart seemed like it was on fire,” said oneof them. They hurried back to Jerusalem to tell Jesus’ other friends. When they got there, some of Jesus’ friends ran to meet them. “Jesus has risen!” they shouted.Have pairs of children tell the story to each other, using the cover illustrations and voice balloons.6. CREATIVE DRAMA: My heart is happy Move to the work area and distribute pages 3-4 of Promise. Distribute scissors and model for the children how to cut out the hearts on page 3. Begin by making a horizontal cut across the page. Then fold the part of the page with the two hearts on the dotted line. Make a sharp fold with your fingernail or with a ruler edge. Holding the folded page, cut around the dark line on the side with the words showing. If your children are not good at cutting, do this part of the activity ahead of time or have aides available to assist the children.When the hearts are ready, go around the room, punching a hole in the folded heart where the black dot is printed. Distribute a length of yarn to each child. Show them how to string the yarn through the hole. Tie the knots for them so the hearts can be turned front to back and taken off easily.Retell the Gospel story using the hearts. Have the children pretend that you are the stranger and they are Jesus’ followers who are sad about his death. Children turn the pale purple/blue side out as they tell you the story of what happened to Jesus. Be sure they tell the part that the tomb is now empty. Tell them how God promised that anyone who suffered like Jesus did would be rewarded by God. As you tell the story of God’s promise to always be with us and with Jesus, they can turn their hearts to the bright pink side with the words. They ask you to join them for dinner. At dinner, you break the bread and give it to them and then disappear. Their hearts are really thumping now. They all shout, “Jesus is Risen!” and hold their hearts up.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will identify signs of Jesus’ presence among us.7. ACTIVITY: Whom do I know in church? Gather the children in the work area. Recall how Jesus’ friends recognized him by the familiar way he blessed, broke, and gave them bread. Have the children look at page 2 and name the objects they see. Have the children imagine this page shows their own church and ask: Who lit the candles? Who put the gifts out? Who always sits in a certain place? Whose family has a mother and three children? Whose family has a father, mother, and two children? Ask whom the children see in church each week— their names or descriptions. Distribute pencils or crayons and give the children time to draw these familiar people and to draw themselves and their families in the empty pew.8. ACTIVITY: Where do we meet Jesus? This activity is on the part of pages 3-4 you did not use for the heart activity. Complete it in class if there is time or send it home.9. ACTIVITY: We meet Jesus in the Gospels The Promise lesson each week is based on the Sunday Gospel. If you have time in class, show children where the words that tell about this picture can be found in the Bible. Send the activity home. It will be a call to parents to do some Bible exploring with their children.10. CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION While the children are completing the coding activity on page 3, go around the room to sign and date the certificate of completion that is inside each child’s heart necklace. Use the heart necklaces in the prayer below if this is the last time you will meet with the children.11. CONCLUDING PRAYER Gather in the prayer circle. Have the children take off their heart necklaces and place them in the center of their circle. Pray the following prayer— Jesus, thank you for being with us today and every day. Thank you for teaching us about God.We will pray and do loving actions during the summer.We will come back in the fall ready to learn more about you.Pick up the hearts one by one, read the name, and call the child forward. Put the necklace on the child and say, “_____, God loves you very much.” Sing an Alleluia the children know.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESPages 31-33, Words for You to Know Ask the children to look at the little illustrations on these three pages and tellyou about ones they know. This activity introduces them to a valuable part of the handbook, one they might enjoy exploring during the summer months.TG4-17

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