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OVERVIEW UNIT 4: Jesus Brings Us New Life.Catechesis that follows the liturgical year, as Promise does, is both Christocentric andTrinitarian. Jesus Christ is the center of salvation history and its ultimate meaning. Jesus lives and ministers in communion with his Father and the Holy Spirit and reveals the life of the Trinity to us.The powerful Cycle A Gospels for Lent are used to prepare catechumens for their rising to new life in the Sacrament of Baptism. At their own level, the children can appreciate the joy of the Samaritan woman when Jesus engages her in conversation. In the activity they tell how they are good news to their friends and families. The faith of the man born blind gives them the opportunity to express their faith inGod who loves and nurtures them. The death of Lazarus and his being brought back to life by Jesus leads them to explore their own feelings.The Sundays of Easter celebrate the fullness of salvation we find in the Risen Jesus. He is the one who brings us peace. He is the Good Shepherd. He is the sender of the Spirit. He is the one we meet every day in the Gospels, in the Eucharist, and in prayer.The children have practiced many forms of prayer in this unit. They have learned the common greeting of the Lord, “Hosanna,” and the Easter acclamation proclaiming his triumph over death, “Alleluia.” They reviewed the structure of the Eucharist and its place as the communal prayer of the People of God.The lesson for April 30 includesa simple acknowledgment of the children’s year of learning about Jesus. If you do not teach that Sunday, make provisions to do this activity at some other time so the children have a memento of your time together.Additional Promise LessonsThere are three lessons online for schools and parishes that continue to meet for religious education in May. The lessons are on creation, Jesus’ Ascension, and Pentecost. Go to, click on Catechists/Teachers, then Promise (Grades K-1), then Early Start/Late Close Lessons.Date/SundaySunday Gospels1 Profession of Faith2Sacraments/ Liturgy3 Christian 4 Christian Life PrayerMarch 12, 2017 2nd Sunday of LentMatthew 17.1-9 The TransfigurationJesus fulfills the Old Testament (#592)Celebrating LentMaking choicesSinging our prayerMarch 19, 2017 3rd Sunday of LentJohn 4.5-42 Samaritan WomanJesus sends us to tell his Good News (#851)Celebrating LentAppreciating God’s gift of our sensesThank you, God, for your Spirit in usMarch 26, 2017 4th Sunday of LentJohn 9.1-41 Man Born BlindJesus helps us to see God (#73)Celebrating LentAppreciating God’s gift of sightSign of the CrossApril 2, 20175th Sunday of LentJohn 11.1-45 Raising LazarusJesus promises eternal life (#1052)Celebrating LentAppreciating God’s gift of touchGuardian Angel prayerApril 9, 2017 Palm/Passion SundayMatthew 26.14— 27.66Jesus’ PassionJesus suffers and dies for us (#620)Holy Week servicesTelling Jesus’ passion storyHoly Week prayer serviceApril 16 & 23, 2017 Easter & 2nd Sunday of EasterJohn 20.1-9, 19-31Jesus Is RisenJesus is raised up by God (#658)The Easter mysteryTelling the Easter storyAlleluiaApril 30, 2017 3rd Sunday of EasterLuke 24.13-35 Road to EmmausJesus is present with us in the Church (#805)EucharistIdentifying Jesus’ presence with usEucharistMay 7, 2017 4th Sunday of EasterJohn 10.1-10 The Good ShepherdJesus is our Good Shepherd (#807)Good Shepherd imageCaring for othersPrayer of thanks to the Good ShepherdTG4-3

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