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Teaching GuideOVERVIEWLent is often called the springtime of the soul. Lent comesin our northern hemisphere when snow melts, ice thaws, and flowers and buds green the world. Young children delight in watching the natural world develop. It helps them become aware that they, too, are growing and changing. Promiseuses this awareness of growth as the basis for understanding Jesus’ growth into the understanding of his mission, a mission caught in cameo in the story of the Transfiguration.MATERIALS: Crayons or colored pencils, scissors, glue or tape, Promise music CD, CD player.SHARING LIFE STORIESOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize growth and change in themselves and in the world around them.1. GATHER AND SING Begin by singing “And It Was Good” from the Promise music CD. The children will enjoy adding gestures to the song and joining in on the refrain. If you do not have the CD, sing “The Whole World Is in God’s Hands,” adding verses particular to your group.2. STORY: The World Changes in Spring Gather the children in the story area. Tell them today’s story is about a boy who experiences a lot of changes in his life. They needto listen carefully so they can draw a picture about the story later. If you have a world map in your room, show the children where Somalia is. It is next to Ethiopia and Kenya in eastern Africa, a very poor and war-torn area.Abdi was six years old when his family moved from Somalia to Minnesota. They arrived on the day after Christmas. Abdi was surprised to see white powder on the trees as the airplane landed. He had never seen snow before. It never snowed in Somalia! Abdi’s parents had friends who picked them up at the airport and drove them to an apartment. It was so cold!!! Abdi stayed inside the apartment. He already missed his old home where it was always warm and he could play outside.When school started in January, Abdi rode a schoolbus for the first time. He stared at the snow-covered trees as he rode along. He was afraid he would never get to play under green trees again. At school, Abdi’s teacher announced to the class that they would need to stay inside and play in the gym for recess because it was too cold to go out on the playground. Abdi folded his arms and scowled at the heaps of snow outside the frost-covered window. He did not like this cold new school.Every day Abdi glared at the snow-covered trees and missed his old home more and more. His parents told him to give it some time before he made up his mind not to be happy. Many weeks went by. Then one sunny day, Abdi noticed thetrees looked different. The snow was all gone. Little bits of green were on the trees instead. Every day Abdi looked out of his classroom window. The trees started to remind him of his old home as the leaves got bigger and greener. The big heaps of snow outside the window went away. Flowers with long, strong, green leaves pushed out of the ground.One day Abdi’s teacher said, “It is such a warm day. Let’s all go outside for recess and play ball.” All of the children laughed as they ran outside to play under the trees. Abdi felt great when his classmates called his name to come and kick the soccer ball. Maybe this new school wasn’t so bad after all.Ask some questions about the story to check the children’s comprehension. How did Abdi feel when he saw snow for the first time? Why did Abdi miss his old home? What would you do to make Abdi feel welcome if he was in your school? What changes happened in the story?Distribute Promise and ask the children to turn to page 2. Show them how to fold their copies so only page 2 is showing. Ask them to describe the drawing on the left in as much detail as they can. Then turn to the right-hand illustration. Theywill notice all the snow is gone and Adbi is wearing a short- sleeved shirt and is smiling! The rest of the picture needs to be finished. What is missing? Leaves on the tree, flowerson the stems, children playing with the soccer ball, a child swinging. Have the children move to their work places and use crayons or colored pencils to finish the drawing.3. CREATIVE MOVEMENT: Freeze and Melt Have the children put their Promise copies in the work area and move to the open space. Be sure they stand far enough apart so they have room to move freely. Ask the children to think about how water changes when it gets hotter or colder. Tell them they are going to play a quiet game in which they will pretend to freeze and melt like water. Tell them that they can move freely around the space, but they need to do it without talking because water doesn’t talk. When you say, “freeze,” the children must stop and remain absolutely still. When you say, “melt,” the children start to move again. Once they have a firm understanding of the game, encourage them to try different frozen shapes and to melt in different directions and ways.LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize Jesus grew in his understanding of God’s mission for him.4. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: Jesus is God’s Son Have the children bring their Promise copies to the area you set aside for the Gospel proclamation. Read the title on the cover and ask each child to tell you one thing he or she notices in the illustration. There is a figure in white. That is Jesus. TwoMarch 12, 2017 • 2nd Sunday of LentSunday Readings: Genesis 12.1-4a; 2 Timothy 1.8b-10; Matthew 17.1-9TG4-4

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