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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus is God’s Son.old men are standing next to Jesus. One of the men hasa walking stick. Three men are kneeling or sitting on the ground. They look like they’re hiding behind some rocks. Maybe they’re afraid. Jesus is standing on top of a hill. There is a big cloud. Noticing all this detail will prepare the children to hear the Gospel story and remember it.Remind the children that this Sunday is one Sunday of the special time of year called Lent. Lent is like a schooltime for learning about Jesus and trying to become more like Jesus. Tell the children that you are going to tell them a story about a time his friends learned more about Jesus.Do you remember when Jesus was a little baby and the three wise men (magi) came to visit? They knew God was going to send someone special into the world. They knew Jesus was this special person. Well, Jesus grew up just like you. No one else knew he was special. Until one day, he and some friends climbed up a big hill. Jesus started to pray to God. All of a sudden he was surrounded with bright, bright light. There were two people talking with Jesus. It was Moses and Elijah—two followers of God who had died long before Jesus’ time. Jesus’ friends were scared! They heard a voice from a cloud say, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” They knew the voice was God. They fell down on the ground and hid their faces. Then they felt someone touch them. It was Jesus, but now he looked just ordinary. “Don’t be afraid,” Jesus said. His friends now knew that Jesus was very special.Ask: What did Jesus look like on the outside? Just like us. Who was Jesus on the inside? God’s Son. Jesus was both a human being like us and also God’s Son.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize growth and change in themselves and in the world around them.5. ACTIVITY: What can grow and change? Gather inthe work area and have the children open Promise to page3. Read the title question aloud. Ask the children to tellyou what changed in Abdi’s schoolyard and then how Jesus changed. There are many other things in our world that go through changes. Ask the children to identify the pictureson the left-hand side of the page—caterpillar, seeds, eggsin a nest, young tree, two babies, puppy. Ask for volunteersto choose one of the pictures and tell what happens to that thing as it grows and changes. After a brief discussion, tell the children their job is to cut out the pictures on the right and match them to the pictures on the left. For example: glue the picture of the butterfly next to the picture of the caterpillar and the flower next to the seeds. Distribute scissors and glueor tape. Circulate among the children to make sure they are making correct matches and are having success with cutting and gluing.6. ACTION RHYME Lead the children in the following action rhyme—New ButterflyOn a milkweed leaf,Here is a cocoon. (Cup hands.)Something is happening.Will it be soon? (Peek inside cupped hands.)Oh, it is comingWith wings folded so.Now they are spreading. (Spread arms.)Ready to go.Look at the green and gold butterfly!Fly away! Fly away! And goodbye! (Pretend to fly away.)7. ACTIVITY: This is my beloved Son (page 4) This activity is a coloring page of the words God spoke about Jesus at the time of the Transfiguration. Read them aloud with the children. Give them time to add color to the page. Then show how to open Promise so they can see both the cover picture and the words they just colored. Remind them of the choices they made in the game last week. What choices does Jesus make during his life? He heals people, teaches them about God’s love, gets killed by people who don’t approve of him, and rises from the dead to be with his friends again. Jesus knows God loves him and is always with him.8. CONCLUDING PRAYER Gather in a prayer circle. Review the lesson with the children. Jesus changed from lookinglike an ordinary human being to one gleaming with light and hearing words right from God. Abdi changed from an unhappy boy to a happy one as winter turned into spring. Seeds become flowers, and caterpillars become butterflies. All this change is because God loves us and our world and wants us to be happy. Ask the children for whom or what they wish to pray. As they mention concerns, all respond, “God loves us and cares for us.” Conclude with “The Whole World Is in God’s Hands.”WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESPage 27, Jesus Makes Promises Jesus invites his friends to pray with him on Mount Tabor where his Transfiguration occurs. They are privileged to witness Jesus rapt in prayer to his Father. This activity page will give you the opportunity to talk with the children about how and when they pray. Let them read and complete the activity on their own or with a partner or small group.TG4-5

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