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GOSPEL THEME: A Samaritan woman tells about Jesus.people from the Samaritan woman’s village. The volunteers mime their parts as you read the Gospel story aloud. The disciples return from the village as the woman leaves her water jar and goes to tell people. They ask Jesus why he is talking to a Samaritan and a woman. Then the woman and the villagers come and sit down around Jesus to listen to him tell about God. What he says is that he has the living water of the Spirit in him and so do you! Everyone praises God for this gift.6. MOVEMENT ACTIVITY: Helping Hands Using this fun movement activity, expand on the connections between how we learn from our senses and how we help others. Have the children hold up their hands and look at them for a moment. Ask them to use their hands and not their voices to share their ideas with you. Use the following prompts—1. Show me how your hands help you work. • wash dishes • pick up toys• set the table • make a bed2. Show me how you used your hands to get ready to come to class.• wash hands and face • get dressedWhen everyone has a well and four slips of paper, demonstrate how to fold the slips in two and drop theminto the well. Move to the open area and seat the childrenin a circle. Ask for two volunteers to demonstrate how the activity works. Remind the children of the living water Jesus talked about. We have that living water, which is the Spirit of Jesus, in us, too. Have the volunteers stand and select one of the slips from your well. They choose one side of the slip and read the sentence aloud. Then they act out what two followers of Jesus can do together to help make the situation better. Give them a minute to think what they can do, then have them do their skit for the rest of the children. Ask for two more volunteers to choose another slip. Continue in this way. Encourage the children to take their wells home and do this activity with their families.8. CLOSING PRAYER Have the children bring their wells to the prayer circle. Begin by praying—Jesus, your loving Spirit is within us. We act like you when—Children take turns pulling a slip from their well and reading it aloud.Thank you for loving us and helping us act like you. Amen.EXTENDING ACTIVITIES9. WE HEARD JESUS’ GOOD NEWS FROM... Print this beginning of a sentence on a piece of poster paper. Ask the children to tell you who, like the Samaritan woman, told them about Jesus. Let them write the names or draw pictures on the poster paper. Display the poster where others in your school or parish will see it.10. LET’S LISTEN! Ask the children to sit quietly for one minute and pay attention to every sound they hear. You can have them write down the sounds or just remember them. When the minute is up, make a list on the board of all of the sounds the children heard. Ask the children questions to get them thinking about the complexities of sound. What sounds were far away? What sounds were near? What were the loudest sounds? What were the softest sounds?WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESPage 26, Jesus Loves Children As interesting as the story of the Samaritan woman is, it is not about children. This page will help the children see that Jesus had time for them, too. Enjoy reading it together. We hear this Gospel (Mark 10.13- 16) at Sunday Mass on October 7, 2018.• eat breakfast3. Show me how your • build with blocks • play a sport4. Show me how your take care of you.• prepare food• go to work5. Show me how your • open the door• shake hands• put money in the• brush teethhands help you play.• play an instrument• use a computer gamefamily members use their hands to help• wash clothes • pay billshands help you when you go to church. • hold the music book• praycollection basketBUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will practice letting Jesus’ Spirit be active within them.7. ACTIVITY: Jesus’ Spirit is within us Move to the work area. Assist the children in cutting off the four story stripson page 3 and making the cuts in the large square that will become a well. Be sure they do not cut on the dotted lines.If your children are not good at cutting and folding or if your time with them is limited, cut and fold the pieces yourself and let them finish by taping the well together.TG4-7

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