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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus helps a blind man see.On my face I have two eyes. I use them every day.I use my eyes so I can see when I work and play.With a look, look here,and a look, look there.Here a look, there a look, everywhere a look, look.On my face I have two eyes. I use them every day!LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will appreciate the happiness of the blind man whom Jesus made see.5. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: Jesus helps a blind man see Gather the children in the open area and read or tell the Gospel story to them—One day Jesus and his friends saw a man who had been born blind. The man had never seen the sun or grass or flowers or the faces of people who knew him. Jesus knelt down, spat on the ground to make a little mud, and put the mud on the blind man’s eyes. Then Jesus told the man, “Go and wash off the mud.” The blind man went and washed and, suddenly, he could see! When his friends and neighbors saw him, they asked each other, “Isn’t this the man who used to be blind?” Some said, “Yes.” Others said, “No, it only looks like him.” But the man who was blind said to them, “Yes, I’m the one. Jesus healed me.” Then he hurried off to thank Jesus for the gift of sight. When the blind man found Jesus, he said, “I believe in you.”Ask the children: How do you think the blind man feltabout not ever seeing? Whom do you think he would like to see most? How do you think the man felt when someone he couldn’t see put mud on his eyes? How does the blind man know Jesus loves him? Use the illustrations on page 2 to help the children retell the Gospel.6. CREATIVE DRAMA Ask the children to imagine a road in the middle of the open area. Have them put on their blindfolds and sit along the road on both sides, not too close to each other. Tell them Jesus will come, and they can ask Jesus to make them see. Take the role of Jesus and go up and down the road, stopping at each child, saying, “What can I do to help you?” Wait for the child to respond. Then ask the child what he or she most wants to see. After the child answers, make gestures of placing mud on the eyes and say, “This is a signof my love for you. Go and wash this mud off and you will be able to see.” Each child then makes motions of scooping up water and splashing it on their eyes, takes the blindfold off, and shows with their face and body how happy they are.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will help create their closing prayer by doing a matching activity.7. GOSPEL ACTIVITY: I believe... Have children cut apart the 10 faces on page 4 and match the faces that are alike by placing them side by side. If the match is correct, the words of the prayer on the back will match, too.8. CONCLUDING PRAYER Have children turn the matching faces over so the prayer side is up. Ask them to pray with you by pointing to the appropriate squares as you say the words below. Then have the children add these gestures—The sun will shine. (Raise hands up in an arc.)The rain will fall. (Move fingers; lower arms.) Flowers will grow. (Stoop and grow.)Someone will care for me, (Reach arms out.)and Jesus loves me. Amen! (Cross arms on chest.)EXTENDING ACTIVITIES9. FINDING THE GOSPEL The children have been building their lessons around the Sunday Gospel stories for six months. If you have not already done so, introduce them to where in the Bible these stories come from. Distribute Bibles or use a class Bible. Help the children find John’s Gospel, then chapter 9, then the story of the blind man that runs from verse 1 through verse 41.10. THE FIVE SENSES SONG Sing this fun song to the children to the tune of “This Old Man.” Ask the children to interpret the words with their faces and bodies and to join you on the chorus. If you are not comfortable singing, ask a music minister in your school or parish to sing. You can join the children in acting out the words—With my eyes, I can see robins nesting in a tree.Chorus: I see and hear and smell and taste and touch. With my senses I learn so much!With my ears, I can hear sounds that are both far and near.ChorusWith my nose, I can smell fragrant flowers in the dell.ChorusWith my mouth, I can taste doughnuts that are chocolate- glazed.ChorusWith my hands, I can feel bananas with a slippery peel.ChorusTG4-9

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