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Teaching GuideOVERVIEWIn this Sunday’s Gospel we meet some good friends of Jesus—Mary and Martha and their brother, Lazarus. These friends share many feelings with Jesus—the happiness of friendship, the sadness of sickness and death, surprise and gratitude when Jesus brings Lazarus back to life.Young children are just beginning to discover some ofthe feelings and emotions they have. They need help in identifying and dealing with many of their feelings, for a basic understanding of themselves and their feelings will help them communicate more honestly with others. They need to realize that feelings are natural to human persons and help make us who we are.Lazarus’s death and return to life is a foreshadowing of Jesus’ own Resurrection. Young children will not be ableto grasp this meaning, but they will be able to identify the feelings of Martha, Mary, and Jesus and recognize them as feelings they experience in their lives. This will prepare them for later understanding of how completely God took on our humanity in Jesus.MATERIALS: Crayons or colored pencils, scissors, small envelopes, Seeds music CD, CD player, copies of children’s Bibles.SHARING LIFE STORIESOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize their own feelings and emotions.1. SINGING Begin class by gathering the children in a circle, holding hands. Sing “God Gave Me Hands” from the Seeds CD. In this simple song the children thank God for hands, toes, eyes, lips, and, finally, for friends that hug.2. OPENING PRAYER Ask the children to stand quietly while you say this prayer. Children respond, “Amen.”Dear God, thank you for our bodies. Thank you for our families and friends. We know you want us to be happy.3. STORY: Homework, the Classroom Rabbit Gather in the story area and tell the children this story—Homework was the name of the dwarf rabbit in Miss Flynn’s preschool. All the children loved Homework. They laughed when he jumped up and did a somersault. They clapped when he hopped around the story circle sniffing each child. The children cleaned Homework’s cage and gave him water and food. Each day when they came to school, they would say “Hi” to Homework. On Fridays Miss Flynn would ask, “Whose turn is it to take Homework home this weekend?”One day Miss Flynn had something very sad to tell the children. Homework had died. The children felt very sad. They talked about Homework and made pictures of him to hang up. They said they would never forget him.April 2, 2017 • 5th Sunday of LentSunday Readings: Ezekiel 37.12-14; Romans 8.8-11; John 11.1-45Two weeks went by. Then one day, Miss Flynn said, “We have a new friend.” The children were very surprised when she went into her office and brought out a fluffy, black and white rabbit. The children loved him right away. They decided to name their new rabbit Bunny. They drew pictures of him and put them up right next to the pictures of Homework.The children loved their new rabbit, but they never forgot Homework.Ask: How did Homework made the children feel? Happy, surprised at his tricks, sad when he died. How did the new rabbit, Bunny, make them feel? This is a good time to ask the children about their own pets. Most children’s first experience of death is the death of a pet. Pets are also a source of great delight for children. Take time to let each child share a feeling about an animal they know and enjoy as the children in the story knew and enjoyed Homework.4. STRETCH AND SING Children stand in a circle and sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” from the Seeds CD. This is a fun way to act out feelings. Use the following gestures—Clap your hands (clap) Start to cry (boo hoo) Stomp your feet (stomp) Start to laugh (ha ha)LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will understand that Jesus had feelings and friends.5. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: Jesus brings Lazarus back to life Gather the children in the area where you proclaim the Gospel. Remind them of the discussion about Homework and how he made the children in Miss Flynn’s preschool feel. Ask about times when they felt happy, sad, mad, glad. Give each child a chance to speak once. Then show the cover of Seeds and have the children identify Jesus. Ask how Jesus is feeling and why. Happy because he is with friends and they have good food to eat. Tell the children who the people are. Mary and Martha and their brother, Lazarus. This is a story about them and Jesus. This story comes from the Bible.Mary and Martha and Lazarus lived in the town of Bethany. It wasn’t very far from Jerusalem. Whenever Jesus went to Jerusalem, he stopped at Mary and Martha and Lazarus’s home. They were good friends. They talked about things together. They laughed together. They shared food. Then one day Lazarus became very sick. Mary and Martha were very worried, so they sent a letter to Jesus asking him to come quickly. When Jesus got the letter, he got worried, too. But by the time he got to Bethany, Lazarus had died. Mary and Martha were crying. Jesus cried, too. “I wish you would have been here,” Martha said to Jesus. “Lazarus would not have died then.” Jesus said to her, “Do you believe in me?” “Yes,TG4-10

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