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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus has friends.I do,” said Martha. “I believe you are the Son of God.” Then Jesus said, “Show me where Lazarus is buried.” So Mary and Martha took Jesus to the cemetery. When they got there Jesus prayed to his Father. Then he called out, “Lazarus, come out!” And Lazarus walked out of the tomb, alive and well. Mary and Martha were very happy, but some other people were mad at Jesus for doing this.6. ACTIVITY: Jesus has feelings Review the details ofthe story with the children by talking about the feelings of Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Jesus—happy feelings of sharing friendship, worry when Lazarus got sick, sadness when he died, happiness when Jesus reunited them all again. Then distribute pencils or crayons and have children open to page 2 and fold their copies so page 2 is all that shows. Ask how Jesus and Mary and Martha felt when Lazarus was sick. Worried. Draw a short straight line on the mouths in the top row so the three characters look worried. The little face in the left corner shows the children how to draw the line. Then ask how they felt when Lazarus died. Remind the children everyone cried. Add an upside-down curve, a sad mouth, and maybe tears to the faces in the second row. Then ask what happened next. Martha talked to Jesus and told Jesus she believed in him. Then Jesus told Lazarus to come out of the tomb, and he did. Draw a smile on each person in the last row. Turn back to the cover and retell the whole story again.each child a chance to share at least one time he or she felt worried, sad, angry, or happy.Distribute scissors and have the children cut the squares apart. Gather them on the floor for this memory game. The children play in pairs, taking turns turning over a card and then finding a match. Provide envelopes for the children to take their cards home.9. CLOSING PRAYER AND SONG Gather the children in a prayer circle. Display your copy of Seeds with the picture of Jesus sharing a meal with his friends. Have the children sit quietly while you pray this prayer. They answer, “Amen.”Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus to share our lives. He was sad and worried sometimes. He was happy, too. He had friends who loved him, just as we do. Thank you for giving us friends and family who make us happy.Conclude by singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” complete with gestures.EXTENDING ACTIVITIES10. FEELINGS PUPPETS Make simple puppets by attaching small paper plates to craft sticks, tongue depressors, or dowels. Draw a happy face on one puppet and a sad faceon another. Present a sad situation, for instance, a child whose pizza fell on the floor, show the sad puppet, and ask the children how to make the person feel happy again. When a happy solution is proposed, put down the sad puppet and show the happy one. The children will be able to continue this activity without your help.11. COMPLIMENTS GAME A simple way to bring happiness to another is to offer a compliment. Brainstorm compliments with the children, that is, good things they can say to other children. For instance, I like your sweater; you draw nice cats; you help put toys away. Talk about how each compliment makes a person feel. If your children enjoy this game, putall the names of your group in a box. Take turns drawing a name and telling that person something good about himself or herself.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESWPage 19, The Church Has a Holy Book Use this page to remind the children that the stories about Jesus they learn about in their Seeds sessions and hear again at Mass come from the Bible. Have one or more children’s Bibles available so they can page through them. Put a post-it note next to the ones that have been in the Seeds lessons this year. Ask for their comments and questions. Enjoy your time of becoming familiar with the Word.7. STRETCH AND SING Make a transition from the Gospel story to the activity by singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” again.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize their own feelings and emotions.8. ACTIVITY: I have feelings Turn to page 4 and have your group tell you what feelings the children in the illustrations have. Worried, sad, angry, happy. There are two of each feeling. Ask when they have had feelings like these. GiveTG4-11

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