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GOSPEL THEME: Welcome, Jesus!Ask the children to stand or sit quietly while you pray this prayer for all of you. The children answer, “Amen.”Dear God, you send us your Son, Jesus, to show us how much you love us. Help me to listen well today. I want to become a person of peace like Jesus. I want to be kind and welcome others. Thank you.5. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: Welcome, Jesus! Ask the children what they see in the cover illustration. A man is riding a donkey. That man is Jesus. A child offers the man a flower. Other people are waving branches from palm trees. Everyone looks very happy. The sky is blue; it looks warm and pleasant. Tell the Palm Sunday story in your own words or use the following text—One day Jesus decided to go to the biggest, most important city in his country, a city named Jerusalem. He invited his friends to come along. When they got to the city gate, Jesus asked his friends to find a donkey for him to ride. This was a sign that he was a peaceful person, not a king who was used to riding around in a chariot and making wars. People were glad to see Jesus. They crowded around to welcome him. “Welcome, Jesus!” they shouted. Some people cut branches from the palm trees and waved them at Jesus as he went by. Children ran ahead of Jesus, singing, “Hosanna!” This is like shouting, “Hooray!” They cried, “Welcome, Jesus! Hosanna! We know you come in God’s name.”Ask: How do people in the story show their love for Jesus? If you had been there, what would you have done? How do you know the people are glad to see Jesus?6. GOSPEL CREATIVE DRAMA Have the children act out this story. Make a path in the room for the road to Jerusalem. Choose one child to be Jesus, one to be the donkey, and several to be Jesus’ friends who walk beside him. Havethe other children wave their arms as palms. Jesus andhis friends start at one end of the road and go to the other. Children line up on both sides and shout, “Welcome, Jesus! Hosanna!”BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will enjoy making a parade.7. ACTIVITY: Welcome, Jesus! Megaphone Gather children in the work area. Cup your hands and use them as a megaphone to show the children why cheerleaders and people at parades have these. Have them look at the last page of Seeds. Tell them they will make a megaphone to use in welcoming Jesus.Children may need help cutting out the megaphone shape. If you have adults working with you, let them do the cutting. The children will be able to roll the cutout into the megaphone shape. You and your helpers will need to go around taping or stapling the megaphones in two or three places.8. SINGING AND MARCHING Conclude your Seeds lesson with a parade using the megaphones the children have made. Lead them in singing the following version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” shouting the last word of each line through their megaphones—If you’re happy and you know it, shout, “Hello!” If you’re happy and you know it, shout, “Hello!” If you’re happy and you know it,And you really want to show it,If you’re happy and you know it, shout, “Hello!”If you’re happy and you know it, shout, “Hosanna!”If you’re happy and you know it, shout, “Welcome, Jesus!”If your children received palm branches in church, they may wish to wave them.9. CONCLUDING PRAYER Gather in the prayer circle. Make these prayer statements and ask the children to respond, “Hosanna,” after each—God sent Jesus to show us love. Hosanna. Today Jesus comes in peace. Hosanna. We welcome Jesus. Hosanna.You love us, Jesus. We love you. Hosanna.EXTENDING ACTIVITIES10. PALM CROSSES Your parish may include people who can weave crosses from blessed palm. It would be a very nice intergenerational interaction to have older adults show the children how to weave these crosses. The adults can then be part of a prayer service in which they pin or tape a cross on each child.11. LIBRARY RESOURCES Libraries have many books about parades. Bring some to class so children can learn aboutthe ways peoples of the world welcome others with parades. Some titles: Festivals Around the World by Rhily Steele; Dragon Parade by Steven A. Chin.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESWPage 12, We Remember The children looked at this page as Lent began, six short weeks ago. Now the days of Holy Week and the season of Easter are almost here. Talk to them about the seasons of Advent and Christmas, which you learned about and celebrated with Seeds. Remember Ash Wednesday and how they have learned about Jesus during Lent. Use the last drawing to look forward to Easter.You may wish to make copies of this page to send home with the children. Add a note asking the parents to take their children to one of the Holy Week liturgies so they can enjoy the candles, bells, and drama of these days. Note the times of the liturgies and also the Mass times for Easter morning.TG4-13

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