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Teaching GuideOVERVIEWTo appreciate Easter takes a lifetime. Only after taking many wrong paths, holding many unnecessary grudges, resisting God’s grace time and again do we finally come to accept that God can bring life out of death. We see that even our old dry bones can live and dance again. This is our lived experience of the mystery of Easter—Jesus, who died a shameful death on the Cross, is raised to new life by his loving Father.Your Seeds children do not have a lifetime to bring to the Easter celebration. But they do have a close-up and joyous experience of the people and nature around them. This Easter lesson builds on children’s appreciation of the beauty around them in nature and leads them to praise God for setting them in such a world of new spring life and sustaining them and their loved ones in it.If you meet on Easter Sunday, do the part of the lesson that has the Easter Gospel and the Easter egg hunt activity on page 4. On the Sunday after Easter, review the Gospel with creative drama and concentrate on the signs of new life activity on pages 2-3.MATERIALS: Crayons or colored pencils, Easter snack. SHARING LIFE STORIESOBJECTIVE: The children will celebrate life and consider death as part of life.1. SINGING Gather the children in a story circle. Havethe word Alleluia printed on the board. Ask the children to repeat the word after you and ask if they have heard it before. Explain that it is an Easter word that means Praise God. They will hear it and sing it many times in church. Demonstrate how to sing Alleluia, Praise to God to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”—Alleluia. Praise to God, praise to God, praise to God. Alleluia. Praise to God. Al-le-lu-ia.When the children are comfortable with the song, have them stand and sing it while holding their hands up high, praising God with their bodies as well as their voices.2. OPENING PRAYER Ask the children to remain standing and fold their hands as you say the following prayer. They answer, “Amen.”Dear God, help me to listen today. I want to know you. Fill us with new life just as you raised Jesus to new life today.3. GOSPEL STORY WARM-UP Sit down again in the story circle. Ask the children if they have had a grandparent or someone else close to them die. What did it feel like? How did people help them at that time? How do they feel now? Some children may also have had pets die. Ask them to share their experiences also. Then ask how they would feel if theyApril 16 & 23, 2017 • Easter & 2nd Sunday of EasterSunday Readings: Acts 10.34a, 37-43; Colossians 3.1-4; John 20.1-9 Acts 2.42-47; 1 Peter 1.3-9; John 20.19-31could have that person or pet back. Let them tell you what they would do, what they would share with that person, how different their life would be again.LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will appreciate that Jesus’ Resurrection promises new life for us.4. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: Jesus is Risen! Distribute Seeds and ask children to describe the cover illustrationto you. Jesus is standing with two women. Jesus and the women look happy. Jesus has a sore on his hand. The sun is coming up. There is a kind of cave nearby. Ask the children how the cover makes them feel. As if something good is happening. Tell the Gospel story to the children in your own words or use the following text—God sent Jesus to help people and to show them how much God loves them. Jesus made many friends. But some people thought Jesus made himself too much like God. They thought Jesus was dangerous.Jesus’ enemies put him to death one Friday afternoon. Some of his friends were with him when he died. It was getting late when they buried him. Jesus’ women friendssaid they would come back later to make sure everything was okay. They couldn’t come on Saturday because that was a special holy day. But on Sunday, very early in the morning, Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’ tomb. She noticed that the stone at the entrance of the tomb had been moved. Mary ran to tell Peter and the disciple Jesus loved. Peter and the other disciple ran to the tomb. It was empty. The piece of cloth that had covered Jesus’ head was rolled up carefully. The beloved disciple saw and believed. After Peter looked at everything, they went home. Mary stayed by the tomb, crying.Mary bent over to look in the tomb. She saw two angels sitting where the body of Jesus had been. “Why are you crying?” the angels asked. “Because I don’t know where Jesus is,” Mary said.Then Mary turned around and there was Jesus! She didn’t recognize him at first. Then he said her name, “Mary!” Mary was so happy! “Teacher!” she said. Jesus said, “Go tell my friends that I am returning to my Father.” Mary hurried back to Jerusalem and told Jesus’ friends, “I have seen Jesus. He is risen!”Look at the cover illustration again. Mary Magdalene is one of the women with Jesus. Read the words Jesus is Risen to the children and ask them to repeat them after you. Use the following questions to begin discussion—• What time is it in the story? Dawn; sun coming up.• What shows it is springtime? green grass and bushes• What shows Jesus has new life? Tomb is empty. Marymeets him and talks to him.TG4-14

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