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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus is Risen!5. GOSPEL CREATIVE DRAMA This is a fun Gospel for the children to act out. Have the children show with their faces and bodies how each of the three disciples—Mary Magdalene, Peter, and the beloved disciple—felt when Jesus died and was buried, how they felt when they found the tomb empty, how Mary felt when Jesus talked to her, how Peter and the beloved disciple felt when Mary ran after them to tell them she had seen Jesus and he was risen. Then have them show how Jesus felt when he died, when his Father raised him from the dead, when Mary saw him and recognized him.Choose a child to be Jesus and lay down as if he were in the tomb. Choose a child to be Mary and say good-bye to him, promising to come back. Two children who are Peter and the beloved disciple can be in a corner of the room away from this activity. Read or tell the story, asking these four children to show with their faces and bodies how these four characters feel and act at each point. Ask two other children to be the angels who talk to Mary.Another form of creative drama that uses all the childrenat once is to divide them into four groups—angels, Peter and beloved disciple, Jesus, and Mary—and have them act out their part as a group. You might then have five Marys crying instead of one, but also five very happy Marys who hear Jesus call their name.6. STRETCH AND SING Have the children stand and swing their arms until they have at least that much space. Lead them in this stretching and singing activity.The whole world (stretch arms out as wide as possible) is in God’s hands. (repeat 3 times)The whole world’s in God’s hands.You and me, brother (point to a boy in the class) are in God’s hands.You and me, sister (point to a girl in the class) are in God’s hands.You and me, teacher (point to you) are in God’s hands.The whole world’s in God’s hands.Add more verses, such as “All new life comes from God’s hands.” Finish with a big stretch up to the ceiling and all the way down to the floor. Repeat a few times until everyone is ready to sit again.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will find signs of the new life of spring around them.7. ACTIVITY: Spring is here! Gather in the work area and ask children to open Seeds to pages 2-3. Read the title aloud and ask the children to find all the signs of new life that happen in the spring. Baby birds, flowers, blossoms on the tree, caterpillars and lady bugs are coming out again, green grass, warm sun, bunnies and baby chicks, which are also signs of Easter new life, and finally an Easter egg. Let children talk about where they have seen these signs of spring; then give them time to add color to the illustration.8. ACTIVITY: Find the hidden Easter eggs Coloredand decorated eggs are a common Easter symbol. Ask the children what they think eggs have to do with Jesus. They will probably have some far-fetched ideas; enjoy them! Then explain that many living things, including them, come from eggs. Just as new life is hidden inside the egg, so Jesus was hidden inside the tomb after he died. Just as a baby bird breaks through its hard eggshell to join life outside the egg, Jesus broke out of the tomb when he rose from the dead on Easter. The egg reminds us of Jesus’ new life.Turn to page 4 and direct the children to find the 10 hidden Easter eggs and circle them.9. CLOSING PRAYER AND SONG Gather in the prayer circle and ask the children to stand while you say the prayer. They can answer, “Amen.”God, we thank you for the new life you gave Jesus and for the new life in us. Thank you for all the signs of new life we can see. Help us to grow into your good friends.Sing your Alleluia song to conclude the session.10. SNACK Bring an Easter snack to share with the children.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESPage 5, Who Is Jesus? Your Seeds year is drawing to a close. This page in the What the Church Believes and Teaches catechism handbook summarizes beautifully what we want the children to know about Jesus—he is true God and true man. This page also features Mary, whom the Church honors in special ways in the month of May.TG4-15

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