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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus friends know him.Jerusalem. Today’s story takes place as two of Jesus’ followers, one of whom is named Cleopas, are walking towards Emmaus. A stranger joins them and asks if he can walk along.The stranger said to Cleopas and his friend, “What are you talking about? You look so serious.”Cleopas said, “You must be the only person in the world who doesn’t know what happened to Jesus this weekend. They killed him. We buried him in a tomb. This morning Mary Magdalene came running to tell us the tomb is empty and Jesus is gone. We hoped that maybe Jesus was the very special person God had promised to send to us, but now we just don’t know.”Jesus said, “You should read your Bible better.” He began to explain to them how the Bible said that Jesus would suffer, but that he would rise again.Cleopas and his friend walked and walked and listenedto the stranger. When they got to Emmaus, they asked the stranger to come home with them for dinner. At dinner, the stranger took the loaf of bread in his hands, said a blessing over it, and gave pieces of bread to Cleopas and his friend. Then they knew who the stranger was. It was Jesus! Then the stranger, who was Jesus, disappeared. Cleopas and his friend hurried back to Jerusalem to tell Jesus’ other followers. When they got to Jerusalem with their good news, they heard that Jesus had been there, too, and had appeared to Peter.“How did you know for sure that the stranger was Jesus?” their friends asked Cleopas and his companion.“We knew it was Jesus when he blessed and broke the bread and gave it to us,” they said. Everyone agreed then that the stranger was Jesus because that is what Jesus liked to do.Ask the children to turn to the cover of Seeds and retellthe story to you using the road in the window as a starting point of the journey. Be sure the children note that Jesusis breaking the bread into smaller pieces to share with his friends. This is the action that reminds them of what Jesus did at the Last Supper and what he did many other times with people. Seeing the stranger do this familiar action allowed the travelers to see the stranger is really Jesus.8. STRETCHING ACTIVITY Have the children spread outin the open area. Ask them to stretch up high, higher, higher. Now squat on the floor. Jump up high. Squat on the floor. Jump to the left. Jump to the right. Stand and hop on the right foot. Then the left foot. This movement exercise will loosen them up after their long time of sitting.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will become familiar with what they see in church and recognize that we share bread at Mass like Jesus did with his followers.9. ACTIVITY: Church Tour (optional) Take your Seeds group to church to visit the sanctuary. Small children often cannot seewhat is going on up there. Give them a chance to walk quietly around the altar and touch it, to see what is behind the lectern, to climb up and down the steps, to sit in the presider’s chair, to get the view of the rest of the church from the sanctuary.10. ACTIVITY: Jesus is with us today Use your copy of Seeds to hold up page 3 for the class to look at together. Ask them to tell you all the things they saw in their tour or see on Sundays. Then read the title of the page and ask them to say how these things show Jesus is with us today. Crucifix reminds us of how much Jesus loves us. Book woman is reading has stories of Jesus. Easter candle reminds us Jesus rose fromthe dead. Flowers and banners show we believe Jesus is here and we want to honor him. Priest does the same thing at Mass that Jesus did—breaks bread and gives it to people to eat. The bread and wine on the little table are ready for Mass. The people in the pews are living Jesus’ life in the world and making Jesus present wherever they go. Notice the boy and girl in the last pew are ready to bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar.Go around the group and make three cuts on the heavy lines at the bottom of page 2. The cuts are between the children and over each of their heads. Show the children how to make the two folds so the children in church are also now at the table with Jesus and his two traveling companions. The bread and wine we use at Mass are now also part of the food on the table. The children will not be able to comprehend what all this means, but they will take it in at a sense level. It will become part of their preparation for understanding the Eucharist at a later stage11. ACTIVITY: I am Jesus’ friend Turn to page 4. This activity is a certificate of completion for this Seeds class.Read all the words aloud together. Be sure the children know what entrusted means. Jesus trusts the children to live his commandment to love one another. Show the children where to print their names and draw their pictures. Go around the room as they work, signing and dating the pages. Separate this page from the rest of Seeds. Show the children how to roll the pages so the names show. Tie each roll with ribbon. Present them in a ceremony at the end of your last Seeds class.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESWPage 7, Mary Is Our Mother Being friends with Jesus means that we’re friends with his mother, Mary, too. Ask the children to identify the people in the small drawings. Mary, a childwith roses, a boy saying bedtime prayers, a woman saying the Rosary. Read the three sentences at the top of the page. Ask the children to imagine what the three people are saying to Mary. Conclude by asking how we can pray to Mary as a Seeds class. Say the Hail Mary together.TG4-1712. CLOSING SONG Use the Easter people song to conclude this session. If you still have the megaphones the children made in the Palm Sunday lesson, use them during the song.

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