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May 7, 2017 • 4th Sunday of EasterSunday Readings: Acts 2.14a, 36-41; 1 Peter 2.20b-25; John 10.1-10Teaching GuideOVERVIEWIn today’s Gospel Jesus talks about being a shepherd. A shepherd’s job is to care for his sheep and keep them safe. Jesus also refers to himself as the sheepgate. Sometimes shepherds herded their flock into a corral for the night. Such a corral is illustrated on this week’s Seeds cover. If there was not a sturdy gate on the corral, the shepherd’s body became the gate of the pen as he or she slept in the opening. Any animal or thief wanting to harm the sheep would have to step over the shepherd to get in the pen.Most children probably don’t know anything about shepherds. Talk a bit about who a shepherd is and what a shepherd does. Then they will understand what it means to say Jesus cares for us as a shepherd cares for the sheep.Young children need help on many occasions. They depend on the help of families, teachers, and other children. Young children can also be helpers themselves if the tasks they are asked to do are within their range of abilities. Freedom and trust in allowing children to do many things by themselveswill encourage them to reach out to others and to be helpers. Seeds helps the children see how their caring for pets, plants, and perhaps siblings is a form of shepherding.MATERIALS: Scissors, tape, crayons or colored pencils, large manila envelopes to take the stand-up figures home, Seeds music CD, CD player, animal crackers and milk for snack.SHARING LIFE STORIESOBJECTIVE: The children will appreciate how they care for pets.1. SINGING Begin class by gathering in a circle and singing the Seeds signature song from the Seeds CD or the following song to the tune of “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”—Margo opened the barn door, a stray kitten, all muddy and cold, slipped into the warm barn. Margo didn’t notice the kitten. She fed oats to the cow and milked her. She gave hay, oats, and corn to all the other animals. Then Margo hurried back to the house—Splatty-splat-splat. Splatty-splat-splat—and droveoff to work in her pickup truck. Squish-splash. Squish-splash. The sound of the rain soon put all the animals to sleep. Splatty- splat-splat.Z-z-z-z-z. Splatty-splat-splat. Z-z-z-z-z.When the rain stopped, the animals woke up. A horse said, “Margo won’t get home today. The road is flooded.” Thecow said, “I need to be milked again.” The sheep said, “I’m hungry!” The Irish Setter said, “I’m cold.” The flea said, “Me, too. Even the fur on your ear doesn’t keep me warm.” The iguana said, “It’s too wet. I like it dry.” The hen said, “Too bad you can’t fluff your feathers as I can.” The kitten just quietly licked the mud off her fur.Then the animals heard a sound. Squish-splash. Squish- splash. It was Margo’s pickup truck coming! Margo drove right to the barn and fed the sheep and the horses. She petted the dog and showed him the new bag of food she bought. She put clean straw in the iguana’s box and thanked the hen for the egg she’d laid. Margo fed the cow and milked her. She noticed the stray kitten and squirted some milk right into her mouth. Then Margo went to get some more straw. The kitten said, “We should thank Margo for coming home in the rain to take care of us.”“I don’t wanna,” whined the iguana.“I need my sleep,” said the sheep.“Not now,” mooed the cow.“Don’t force us,” whinnied the horses. “I want my pen,” clucked the hen. “Tomorrow is better,” yawned the Setter. “Don’t look at me,” said the flea.The kitten said, “Well, I will thank her!” When Margo came back to the barn, the kitten wound in and out around her legs with a loud purr. Purr, purr, purr, purr-r-r-r-r.4. STRETCH AND SING The Seeds CD has a participation song about animals, “God Made the Animals.” Use it for the movement activity and enjoy making the animal noises along with the children.5. ACTIVITY: What do we care for? Sit in a story circle. Ask the following questions and be sure each child responds at least once—• Whocaresforyouathome?• Howdotheycareforyou?Now ask what or who the children care for and what theydo. They may talk about pets or plants, younger siblings or grandparents who live with them. Many of the children will, of course, mention pets. Ask specific questions about how they care for their pets—feed them, take them on walks, give them fresh water, play with them, help them when they are sick. Move to the work area and distribute Seeds. Have the children fold their copies so only page 2 shows. Walk through the activityWe gather here together, Together, together.We gather here together To show we love God.To hear Jesus’ stories, To clap, pray, and sing. We gather here together To show we love God.2. OPENING PRAYER Ask the children to stand quietly while you say the following prayer—Jesus, you love us as the shepherd loves his sheep. You take care of us as a good shepherd does. Thank you, Jesus, for loving us. Thank you, Jesus, for taking good care of us. Amen.3. STORY: The Animals That Got Hungry in the RainHave the children stay in the story circle. Read this story to them, having them imitate you in making the sound effects—One morning a farmer named Margo woke up to the sound of big raindrops pounding on her roof. Splatty-splat-splat. Splatty- splat-splat. Margo said, “I’ll have to run through the raindrops to get to the barn.” Splatty-splat-splat. Splatty-splat-splat. WhenTG4-18

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