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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus is our first naming the pets pictured. Then show how the page is set up as a graph. For each child who has a pet dog at home, the children will color in one dog picture. For instance, if three children have puppies, each child will color three of the five puppies pictured on page 2. When you do the same for the fish, cat, and bird, you will have a graph picture of how many pets and what kind of pets the children in this Seeds group care for.You may wish to enlarge this page and do it as a class group activity. If your class is large and you suspect there will be more than five pets in a category, photocopy page 2 and tape the two pages together to make a row of 10 animals. Take your time with this activity. The children will enjoy having their own graphs.LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will understand the image of Jesus as our shepherd.6. GOSPEL STORY WARM-UP Gather the children in the area where you proclaim the Gospel. A good way to quiet them is to sing “Two Little Ears” from the Seeds CD, using gestures—Two little ears to hear God’s Word. Two little eyes to see God’s love. Two little hands to work each day. Alleluia! Hear me pray.Remind the children of how they told about caring for their pets. You may have talked previously about farmers and their animals—cows, horses, sheep, chickens, hogs—and how the farmer cares for them. Tell the children that today Jesus talks about sheep. Where Jesus lived there were lots of sheep. People made warm blankets from their wool and sold them. People wanted to keep their sheep safe and healthy. The people who cared for the sheep are called shepherds. Jesus told people that God is like a shepherd.7. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: Jesus is our shepherd Read the following version of Sunday’s Gospel or tell it in your own words—One day Jesus told his friends about sheep. When the sheep hear the shepherd’s voice, they can tell right away that it is their shepherd. They follow the shepherd. The shepherd walks first and the sheep come right behind. The shepherd takes the sheep to green pastures with fresh water. Thenat night he or she brings them back to the sheep pen. The shepherd stays with the sheep all night to keep them safe.His friends wondered why Jesus talked so much about sheep. Then Jesus told them, “I am like that shepherd. You know my voice. You follow me. I will always keep you safe.”Jesus’ friends were glad that Jesus loves them as much as a shepherd loves the sheep.8. GOSPEL CREATIVE DRAMA Dramatize this Gospel by pretending your story circle area is the sheep pen. Set up twochairs to serve as the gate. Have the children gather insidethe circle with you standing outside it. Then call them by name to come out of the gate and follow you. Lead them to green pastures where they can pretend to eat and then to fresh water. Notice that it is getting dark and bring them home. Show them how you will sit in the space between the chairs and be the gate of the pen. All the sheep can now safely go to sleep.Let the children take turns being the shepherd. Usea walking cane for the shepherd’s crook. Let four or five children crawl around and try to get out of the pen—the shepherd can pull them back with the cane. The other children will sit in a circle with feet spread apart to make the wall. One child (the wolf) could try to climb over.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: Using stand-up figures, the children will tell the story of the good shepherd.9. ACTIVITY: Jesus is our shepherd Gather the childrenat the work tables and distribute scissors. They will cut out the shepherd and the two sheep on page 4. Tape each child’s cutout shepherd so it stands; the sheep simply need to be creased on the dotted lines. Help each child write their name on one sheep and perhaps the name of a friend or family member on the other sheep. Show the children how to place the sheep in the pen on the cover of Seeds. Demonstrate how the shepherd fits in the open gate to keep the sheep safe. If you have time, make more sheep to populate the pasture.10. CLOSING PRAYER Gather in a prayer circle. Put your copy of Seeds in the center of the circle.Teacher: We gather in Jesus’ name. In the name of God the Father, of Jesus, and of Jesus’ Spirit. Amen. Jesus is our shepherd. We are his sheep. Jesus feeds us and brings us life. Jesus protects us and keeps us safe.Teacher invites each child by name to put a sheep in the sheep pen. As they do so, they say, “Thank you for being my shepherd, Jesus.” After the children have put their sheep in the pen, the teacher places Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in the entrance and says, “Jesus is our shepherd. Let us listen to his voice.”11. Snack Provide animal crackers and milk for today’s snack. Before each child gets a snack, ask him or her to tell the group who helps get food ready at their home.TG4-19WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESWPage 24, Jesus Is the Good Shepherd Use this activity page to help the children see that Jesus is the shepherd of all the sheep in God’s family.

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