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OVERVIEW UNIT 4: Jesus Brings Us New Life.Because Seeds is liturgy-based, the center of each lesson is a Gospel story about Jesus. Manypreschool programs do not include stories about Jesus except for the Christmas story. Seeds believes that children of three and four are just the right age for stories. The children know the exploits of Batman and Dora the Explorer; they should know stories about Jesus of Nazareth, in whose life and actions we experience God and God’s love of the truly human in each of us.The Gospels for this Lent show Jesus totally immersed in our world. He is truly human as we are and also totally in touch with his Father because he is truly God, the Second Divine Person of the Trinity. The human Jesus becomesthirsty on the long walk to Jerusalem and asks a Samaritan woman for a drink. He notices the suffering of a man who has been blind from birth.He weeps when he realizes his friend Lazarus is dead. In this truly human Jesus, the glory of God blazes forth to overcome boundaries, human suffering, and even death itself.The children will not understand everything in the stories, but they will store their experiences as deep, lasting impressions. What people see early in life stays in their imaginations forever. Encourage the parents of your Seeds children to bring them to at least one of the Holy Week liturgies and to celebrate Easter as a family with their parish.Additional Lessons for MayDoes your Seeds group continue to gather during May? The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies website has three additional lessons for you to use. They are on creation, Jesus’ Ascension, and Pentecost. Go to, click on Catechists/Teachers, then Seeds (Preschool), then Early Start/Late Close Lessons.Date/SundaySunday Gospels1 Profession of Faith2Sacraments/ Liturgy3 Christian 4 Christian Life PrayerMarch 12, 2017 2nd Sunday of LentMatthew 17.1-9 The TransfigurationJesus is God and human (#68, 460)Choosing Jesus’ wayGrowing in loving actionsPrayer about growingMarch 19, 2017 3rd Sunday of LentJohn 4.5-42 Samaritan WomanJesus accepts everyone (#180, 851)Telling Jesus’ Good News; BaptismThanking God for tasteSprinkling with holy water; Sign of the CrossMarch 26, 2017 4th Sunday of LentJohn 9.1-41 Man Born BlindJesus is Lord (#455)The CreedThanking God for seeingPrayers of petitionApril 2, 20175th Sunday of LentJohn 11.1-45 Raising LazarusGod gives life (#658, 1016)ResurrectionThanking God for feelingsAct of FaithApril 9, 2017 Palm/Passion SundayMatthew 26.14— 27.66Jesus’ PassionJesus suffers and dies (#620, 629)Celebrating Holy WeekRecognizing Jesus died for usHoly Week prayersApril 16 & 23, 2017 Easter & 2nd Sunday of EasterJohn 20.1-9, 19-31Jesus Is RisenJesus is raised up (#658)Celebrating EasterFollowing the Risen JesusEaster signsApril 30, 2017 3rd Sunday of EasterLuke 24.13-35 Road to EmmausJesus gives us Word and Bread (#805)EucharistFinding Jesus in the breaking of breadEaster signsMay 7, 2017 4th Sunday of EasterJohn 10.1-10 The Good ShepherdJesus cares for us (#807, 939)EucharistWe care for othersThanksgivingTG4-3

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