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March 12, 2017 • 2nd Sunday of LentSunday Readings: Genesis 12.1-4a; 2 Timothy 1.8b-10; Matthew 17.1-9Teaching GuideOVERVIEWThis Sunday we hear the Gospel of the Transfiguration. This vision is granted to three of Jesus’ closest followers just before Jesus sets his face toward Jerusalem and the death that awaits him there. For us, Jesus, suffused in light as he speaks to his Father, is a sign of the resurrection that awaits us if we listen to Jesus and follow his way.Transfiguration is a big word for little children. What they can understand is that Jesus was so close to God in love that he showed it all over. Jesus’ body showed us the beautyof loving God, just as flowers and butterflies show us God’s beauty and love for us. Seeds emphasizes growing and changing as signs of God’s life in us.MATERIALS: Scissors, crayons, markers, Seeds music CD, CD player, pencils.SHARING LIFE STORIESOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize they change and grow.1.SINGING Beginclassbygatheringthechildreninacircle and singing the “Everything’s Growing” song from the Seeds music CD. The lyrics are printed below. If you do not have the CD, you can speak the words while the children show with their bodies how growing happens. Direct them to squat down and gradually come up (growing) as they sing the song—the right shows what game that baby can play when she isas old as a Seeds child. Croquet. Have the children put their pencils by the baby and draw a line to the girl playing croquet. Continue in this way, matching the picture of the baby with the bottle and the child with solid food and milk and the illustration of the baby in the swing that needs to be wound up by someone with the child swinging by herself.4.SINGANDSTRETCH Usethe“Everything’sGrowing”songto get the children moving and active for a few moments.LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will recognize that God’s love showed through Jesus.5. GOSPEL RITUAL Gather the children in the space you have designated for receiving Jesus’ Good News. Call them to a listening attitude by singing or simply playing “Two Little Ears” from the Seeds music CD, adding the gestures of hands to ears, to eyes, stretched out in front of them, palms up, and raised up in prayer—TwolittleearstohearGod’sWord. Two little eyes to see God’s love. Two little hands to work each day. Hear me pray! Hear me pray!6. GOSPEL STORYTELLING: Jesus is God’s Son Hold up your copy of Seeds and ask the children what they see on the cover. Jesus is in the center, his clothes are very white, and there is a bright light around him. There are three men onthe ground who look scared or surprised. Tell the children the man in white is Jesus and the other three are his friends Peter (beard), James (hands over face), and John. The two men standing by Jesus are Moses and Elijah. Listen to this story to hear what Peter, James, and John learned from Jesus—Jesus invited Peter, James, and John to climb up a big hill with him. When they got to the top of the hill, Jesus changed. His face became as bright as the sun. His clothes were so white you could hardly look at them without hurting your eyes. Moses and Elijah—two followers of God who had died long before Jesus’ time—appeared and started talking to Jesus. Peter, James, and John didn’t know what to think. Then a bright cloud came overhead. Out of the cloud a voice said, “This ismy beloved Son. Listen to him.” Peter, James, and John were so afraid they fell facedown on the ground. But Jesus touched them and said, “Don’t be afraid.” They got up, and all they saw was Jesus—no cloud, no Moses, no Elijah. They didn’t know what to think. But they remembered that the voice said, “Listen to Jesus.” They thought the voice was probably God.Ask the children to retell the story to you. Point out that God made the whole thing happen to give Peter, James, and John faith in Jesus. Ask what the voice of God said to do: Listen to Jesus. That is what we do in Seeds class.Growing, growing, Everything’s growing. Growing up, growing strong, I’m growing, too.Flowers and dandelions, Bluebirds and butterflies, Growing up, growing strong, I’m growing, too.2. OPENING PRAYER Have the children sit quietly as you say this prayer. They answer, “Amen.”Dear God, thank you for making us and for making all of the beautiful things of nature. Everything you made grows and changes and praises you. Help us listen to Jesus today as your sons and daughters.3. ACTIVITY: I am changing Stay in the story circle. Ask how many children remember being a baby. Ask next how many know a baby. Ask what differences there are between children like them and babies. Possible answers: Babies need diapers, drink from bottles, can’t talk, can’t walk, sleep a lot. Ask again if they remember being babies. They will probably agree that they used to be babies even if they don’t remember.Move to the work area, distribute Seeds, and have the children turn to page 2. Show them how to fold page 3 under so only page 2 shows. Have the children tell you what they see in each of the six little illustrations. They should recognize that the children in the right column are older. Distribute pencils and do the matching activity together. Point again to the illustration at top left of the baby with the rattle. Ask which picture onTG4-4

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