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GOSPEL THEME: Jesus is God’s Son.7. GOSPEL CREATIVE DRAMA Have all the children be Jesus beckoning Peter, James, and John to follow him up the hill. Then have all the children be the four of them climbing, then Jesus transfigured, the three friends falling down in fear, Jesus touching them and raising them up, and all four climbing back down the hill. To conclude have the children proclaim loudly what they learned in this story: Listen to Jesus.9. ACTIVITY: Making a butterfly Cut on the horizontal line just above the parent notes on page 4 and along the fold separating pages 2 and 3. Show the children how to crease their butterflies on the dotted line on the brightly colored side. By holding the crease gently, they may do a movement exercise, moving their hands up and down to soft music and dancing with the butterfly.While some children are dancing with the butterflies, others can be caterpillars. The children bend over with hands touching their toes. Only their hands move forward counting to eight. Then their feet move counting to eight. Repeat three times.10. CLOSING PRAYER AND SONG Gather the children and their butterflies in a circle. Play “Everything’s Growing” and sing and dance to it. Quiet them for this closing prayer. They answer, “Amen.”Dear God, thank you for making us and for making butterflies. Thank you for sending Jesus to teach us about you. We want to be like Jesus.EXTENDING ACTIVITIES11. MAKING CATERPILLARS Cut out a circle with about a 7-inch diameter for each child in your class and one for yourself. Make a face on your circle like the one below. Have the children print their names on the circles and color them light green so the names show through. Create a caterpillar on the board. Put a few of your Seeds butterflies or clothespin butterflies (see next activity) near the caterpillar.WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHESPage 22, The Bible Tells Us Stories About Jesus The Gospel for this Sunday begins the section in Matthew where Jesus travels to Jerusalem in the company ofhis men and women (and perhaps children) disciples, teaching and healing as he goes. The light and Jesus’ white garment will remind the children of this week’s cover art. Read the page with the children. Ask what beingwith Jesus as Peter, James, and John were would be like. Enjoy their speculations. Give them time to color the word.BUILDING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYOBJECTIVE: The children will learn the lifecycle of the butterfly.8. ACTIVITY: This is how a butterfly grows Gather in the work area and open Seeds to page 3. Turn page 2 under so it does not show. Ask if the children can guess what the pictures are. 1. a caterpillar; 2. a chrysalis in which a caterpillar changes into a butterfly; 3. a monarch butterfly that came out of the chrysalis. Read the title and then ask the children to put their copies of Seeds down while you tell this story—The butterfly lays eggs on milkweed leaves. Inside each egg is a little caterpillar. After a week the caterpillar begins to work its way out of its egg and is very hungry. It eats and eats and eats the leaves. The caterpillar gets so big that it bursts out of its skin. It grows a new skin and keeps eating.When the caterpillar is about three weeks old and aboutas big as your toe, it stops eating. By now the caterpillar is very big. It bursts out of its old skin again. But this time the new skin underneath is tight and stiff. It is called a chrysalis (kriss-a-liss). It is a hiding place, and inside it the caterpillaris changing. After two weeks the hard skin cracks open. Something very beautiful happens! A butterfly comes out! The butterfly moves its wings up and down gently so they can dry. Then the butterfly flies away.Have the children retell the story to you using the pictures on page 3. Turn to page 4 to make a butterfly for each child.12. CLOTHESPIN BUTTERFLY Cut 2 pieces of colored tissue paper 6”x 4”. Gather the paper in the middle and slip it ina clothespin with a knob head. Twist a black pipe cleaner around the knob for the antennae. Draw eyes with a marker.TG4-5

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