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Teaching GuideOVERVIEWIn Sunday’s Gospel Jesus meets and speaks with a Samaritan woman at a well. Jesus tells her about himself and about God. In return she gives Jesus the drink of water he asks for and tells her townspeople about the man she now believes is the Messiah.Seeds tells this interesting story and then concentrates on the gift of water and on how we follow Jesus when we appreciate the gifts of God.MATERIALS: Colored napkins, paper cups, five paper plates, water, colored pencils or crayons, holy water, small bowl, Seeds music CD, CD player, puppet. Small amounts of cream of tartar, baking soda, salt, sugar, and cornstarch for a tasting activity.SHARING LIFE STORIESOBJECTIVE: The children will participate in a tasting experience.1. SINGING Gather the children in a circle. Sing the Seeds signature song or “Gathering With Jesus” as printed here. Invite the children to clap their hands on the word “clap.”Gathering With JesusTo the tune of “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”—We gather here together, together, together. We gather here together to show we love God. To hear Jesus’ stories, to clap, pray, and sing. We gather here together to show we love God.2. OPENING PRAYER Tell the children that they will be saying a very special prayer and blessing themselves with holy water. Holy water is blessed on Holy Saturday at the Easter Vigil. The Church uses holy water at the Sacrament of Baptism and puts it at the entrances to churches. Each time the children use holy water to bless themselves, they can remember that they are baptized. Use holy water and make the Sign of the Cross together: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” Invite the children to imitate your actions. Stand side by side with them, not facing them, as you make the Sign of the Cross so they do not mirror the gestures you make.3. ACTIVITY: A Tasting Experience Gather the children around a big table or desks pushed together to make an area they can all fit around. Have a puppet tell them that they will be part of a tasting experience. Have ready paper plates with a few tablespoons each of cream of tartar, sugar, salt, baking soda, and cornstarch. Have the puppet tell the children what is on each plate. Ask: Do the five items look alike or different? They are all white, but they have different textures. Give each child a paper cup of water and a colored paper napkin. GoMarch 19, 2017 • 3rd Sunday of LentSunday Readings: Exodus 17.3-7; Romans 5.1-2, 5-8; John 4.5-42around the group with one of the paper plates and put a small amount of the item on each napkin. Direct the children to dip a finger into the item, taste it, and then take a sip of water. Follow this process for each sample or for as long as you can keep the children’s attention. Then ask them to describe their experience. Did you like or dislike what you tasted? How did the water taste? Did you like the water? How did drinking water after each taste make you feel?Ask the children to tell where they see water. In a glass, a bathtub, lake, puddle, or perhaps the ocean or a river. What are some ways the children use water? Drink, play, bathe. Where do the children go if they want a drink of water?Have a puppet show the children how to dispose of their cups and napkins and move to the open area.4. STRETCH AND SING Invite the children to stand and join in the rhyme and follow the actions as directed—If you love spaghetti, smack your lips.If you love hamburgers, shake your hips. If you love onions, cry, cry, cry.If you love chicken, fly, fly, fly.If you love ice cream, tap your toes.If you love applesauce, touch your nose. If you love zucchini, wiggle around.If you love bananas, touch the ground.If you love spinach, jump up high.If you love pizza, touch the sky.If you love apples, stand up tall.Now say the food you love most of all.LISTENING TO THE GOSPELOBJECTIVE: The children will appreciate how Jesus shared with the Samaritan woman.5. GOSPEL STORYTELLING Jesus asks for waterDistribute Seeds and ask the children to describe the cover illustration. Then tell them the story that goes with the picture.One day Jesus decided to go to the city of Jerusalem. It was a long trip, and he had to walk all the way. He got hot and thirsty. Then Jesus saw a well under some palm trees, so he stopped there. The friends who were on the trip with him went into a nearby town to buy something to eat. Now this well was in a country called Samaria. People in Samaria did not like Jews like Jesus very much.While Jesus was resting at the well, a woman from the town came to get a bucket of water. “Please give me a drink of your water,” Jesus asked. The woman was surprised. “You are a Jew,” she said to Jesus. “Why are you asking me, a woman from Samaria, for a drink?” Then Jesus made the woman even more curious. “If you knew who I am,” Jesus said to her, “you would ask me for living water.” “Please give me a taste of this special water,” the woman said. So JesusTG4-6

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