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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjectives ● The children will:●  ExplorewhatAdventmeanstothem.●  UnderstandAdventasatimeofwaitingforJesus.Play and sing “The Promise, Part 2” (CD-1, #2) to begin each Advent session. It will help the children understand the Advent season as a time of preparing for our Savior, Jesus Christ.Gathering Prayer “Jesus, we are getting ready to celebrate your birthday at Christmas. We know you came to be with us because you love us. Thank you very much. We love you too. Come, Jesus, our brother.”The children respond,“Amen.”Cover Activity ● What is Advent? (page 1) Move to the story circle. Before distributing Promise, ask: Does anyone know what Advent is? Print the word Advent on the board.Distribute pages 1–2 of Promise. Invite volunteers to tell about one of the cover photos and read the caption underneath it. Ask: What is the child waiting for? What do we wait for during Advent? What is different about the candles in the picture? What kind of songs might the girl be singing? What does that photo tell us about Advent? What might be in the gift box?Story ● We Get Ready for Christmas (page 2) Direct the children to place their copies of Promise so they can see the photos. Tell them you will share a story about a brother and sister who wanted Christmas to come.Todd and Kayla were unhappy children. They had a big problem. Christmas was too far away. “I want Christmas to be tomorrow,” Todd told his mom. “Why can’t we have our presents now?” Kayla asked her dad. “Christmas is four weeks away,” Mom said. “This is only the first Sunday of Advent.” Kayla whined, “I want Christmas to come fast.” Dad and Mom didn’t know what to do with such impatient children.That night after supper, Dad cleared a space on the kitchen table. He put down a big piece of paper. He used a ruler to make lines going across the paper and then lines going up and down. “You are making a calendar,” Todd guessed. “Yes, I am,” Dad said. “I am making an Advent calendar. It will help make Christmas come faster.” Dad wrote the days of the week across the top of the calendar page and put numbers in the squares.“Now we need to fill in the squares,” Dad said. “What is something you like about getting ready for Christmas?” Todd said, “I like baking Christmas cookies.” Kayla said, “I like putting up the Nativity scene.” Mom said, “I like getting Christmas cards from ourfriends and family. I even like writing Christmas cards.” Dad smiled. “You have the right idea. We will write all those ideas and more on our Advent calendar. When we do them all, Christmas will be here.”Ask: What would you add to the Advent calendar? When all who wish have contributed, ask them to turn their copy of Promise over and look at the calendar on page 2. Take plenty of time to allow them to absorb all that is pictured. Then start with the single candle at the top left and the picture next to it. The boy is lighting one candle for the first Sunday of Advent. Light one violet candle on your classroom Advent wreath. Distribute a red, orange, or yellow crayon to each child and direct them to color the flame on the single candle.Go through the Advent calendar square by square, identifying the actions that are happening or the saint the children will learn about later in the lesson. Tell the children that each time they do an action, they may color the frame around the little picture. Since they lit the first candle, they may take their crayons and color the frame around the first picture. It really does not matter if they do the actions on the days specified.Give each child a big envelope with his or her name on it. Direct the children to slip the pages you have been using inside the envelope. At the end of this session, they can also put their booklets in the envelope so that all the pages get home safely.Activity ● Stretch and Sing Invite the children to walk in place while singing “Walk on to Bethlehem” (CD-1, #6).Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will understand that Advent is a time of waiting and getting ready.Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) to help the children prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel.Sunday Gospel ● We must be ready for Jesus to come. The Gospel for the first Sunday of Advent is always about Jesus’ Second Coming in glory at the end of time. This can be confusing for children, who do not have much sense of time and historical eras. Introduce this Gospel by reviewing the Gospel stories of the October and November Promise lessons. Jesus knew he wouldn’t be around all the time to tell us stories and answer questions.One day Jesus told his friends that he would be going away soon. They wanted to know when he would return. “I don’t know for sure,” Jesus said. “Nobody knows, except my Father in heaven.”“What should we do while you are gone?” his friends asked. Jesus said, “You should act in loving ways toward each other. ThenTG2-14What is Advent?Advent is waiting. Advent is lighting candles.Advent is singing. Advent is making a happy Christmas for others.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramDecember 3, 20171st Sunday of Advent

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