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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjectives ● The children will:●  Explore Advent changes in the church.●  Exploresignsoftheirownphysicalgrowth.Gather in a circle. Play and sing “The Promise, Part 2” (CD-1, #2) to begin your class gathering. As you finish the song, light the second violet candle on your Advent wreath.Gathering Prayer The children respond, “We are waiting” to each line of the prayer:“Come, Jesus, come.Mary and Joseph are ready. The crib is ready for you. And we are ready too.”Cover Activity ● Advent is a time of changing and growing. (page 1) Gather the children in a storytelling circle and distribute pages 1–2 of Promise. Invite the children to look at the cover illustrations. Ask: Do you see any changes from the first picture to the second picture? Look for them as a group. There are 12 changes. As you find each one, ask if it is an Advent change. Explain the Advent changes very simply to the children. The changes are (1) The priest’s chasuble is now violet (purple). (Advent) (2) A different saint is on the wall. (3) The chair is different. (4) An Advent wreath replaced the Easter candle. (Advent) (5) A Nativity scene replaced some of the flowers. (Advent-Christmas) (6) The flowers are now red. (Poinsettias are a common Christmas flower.) (7) Who moved the chalice? (8) The symbol on the priest’s chasuble is different. (9) The priest changed his shoes. (Advent is in December, a colder time.) (10) The priest’s hands look more relaxed. (11) It is night outside the window. (Advent is in December, a darker time.) (12) There is one fewer step into the sanctuary.Activity ● I grow up! (page 2) Gather the children in the work area. Ask: How do you know that your body is growing? Direct the children to look at the top part of page 2 and identify the actions. Ask them to check the box beside each illustration that shows something they can do. Then have them look at the box about teeth on the bottom part of the page and read the sentence aloud. Have the children count the number of teeth they have that are either loose or missing, write the number, and color in that number of tooth shapes.Direct the children to look at the ruler on the top of page 2. Direct the children to look at the handprint and footprint at bottom right. Have them cut out the ruler, use it to measure the length of their hands and feet, and record the measurements.Explain there are other ways of growing. We can grow in the way we show our love to other people. Ask for other examples.Activity ● Stretch and Sing Lead the children around the room as you play and sing “Walk on to Bethlehem” (CD-1, #6).Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will recognize ways to grow as followers of Jesus.Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) to prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel.Sunday Gospel ● John the Baptist Gather the children in a story circle and tell this Gospel story:Long ago, John the Baptist helped people get ready for Jesus to come. John didn’t care what he ate. Locusts and honey were fine. He didn’t care what he wore. Clothes made from camel’s hair were fine. John the Baptist cared only that people knew God would always forgive their sins because God loved them. And he cared that people knew that someone very special was coming. That someone special was Jesus, who would teach them even more about God because Jesus is God. “Get ready for God to come” was John’s advice.Ask: What do you think people thought about John the Baptist? How do you think people could get ready for Jesus back then? How do we get ready for Jesus today?Activity ● Stretch and Sing Lead the children to their worktables while singing “Walk on to Bethlehem” (CD-1, #6).Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.TG2-18WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES HANDBOOKWhat the Church Believes and TeachesJesus Is God’s Son (page 20)Invite the children to share loving stories about their families. Be sure to share a story about your own family.Using the Christmas crèche or a picture of the Nativity of Jesus, have children identify Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. Explain that Mary and Joseph were married. Jesus was the Son of God and the child of Mary. Joseph was his foster father. He took care of Jesus and Mary here on earth.Advent is a time of changing and growing.Find 12 things that have changed from the first picture to the second picture. Which ones are Advent changes?PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramDecember 10, 20172nd Sunday of AdventThe NEW Gospel WeekliesPFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program

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