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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will share their Christmas experiences.Gather the children in a circle in the open area, holding hands. Lead them in singing “Christmas Time” (CD-1, #14).Gathering Prayer Ask the children to sit quietly while you say the following prayer: “Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus to be with us. We are happy he came. We will try to act like him and be good and loving to each other.”The children respond, “Amen.”Activity ● We Celebrate Christmas Ask the children to describe how they celebrate Christmas. Let them talk about presents and food and family but be sure they include attending Mass, visiting the Nativity scene, and hearing the story of Jesus’ birth. Let the children enjoy the memories of this happy day but make sure they remember that Christmas is first and foremost the celebration of Jesus’ birthday.Activity ● Stretch and Sing Direct the children to follow you as you lead them around the room, playing and singing “Glory to Our God” (CD-1, #11).Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjectives ● The children will:●  Recognize that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth. ●  Make a Nativity scene and retell the Christmas narrative.Cover Activity ● Jesus is born. (page 1) Distribute Promise and have the children tell you about the cover illustration. From last week’s mobile activity and lesson about Mary, they will remember the trip to Bethlehem, the shepherds in their fields, and the city of Bethlehem. Compliment the children on all they know about Jesus’ birthday.Activity ● Nativity Scene (pages 1 and 4) Show the children how you have folded your copy of Promise to makea Nativity scene. Go around the room, helping them make the folds as illustrated on page 3. When the children have the Nativity scene standing up before them, ask them to move to the Gospel area where they will hear the Christmas Gospel.Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) to prepare the children for the proclamation of the Gospel.Gospel ● The Christmas and Epiphany Story (page 4) After the children have folded their Nativity scenes, they will find the Christmas Gospel on the back side of the stable. Have the children sit with their Nativity scenes on the floor before them. Read or tell the story of Jesus’ birth, the announcement of the angels, and the shepherds’ visit.Continue with Matthew’s telling of the coming of the wise men. Add the Magi to your Nativity scene. Matthew’s Gospel tells us that the visitors who followed the star to find Jesus were wise men or Magi. The word magi is often translated as “astrologers.” They were people who studied the stars and omens in natureto find God and God’s will. Over the centuries, we have made these astrologers into kings. Because the Gospel mentions three gifts—gold, frankincense, and myrrh, we imagine them as three kings. We even give them names and different ages and races. Traditionally, Melchior is old with a white beard. Gaspar is young and blonde, and Balthazar is black. Send the children’s Magi home along with their Nativity scenes.Activity ● Creative Drama Invite the children to show you with their faces and bodies how Joseph and Mary felt when they got to Jerusalem and it was already dark and all the inns were full. When the innkeeper let them stay in the stable. When Jesus was born. Then have them all be shepherds, sleeping in their fields, and being startled by angels. How did the shepherds feel? How did they feel when they found Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in the stable? How did the kings, who lived far away from Bethlehem, feel when they saw a special star in the sky? What was their trip like? Were they ever cold or scared? How did they feel when they found Mary, Joseph, and Jesus? Ask: What gifts did they bring? Gold, frankincense, and myrrh.TG2-30Jesus is born.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramDecember 25, 2017and January 7, 2018 Christmas and Epiphany

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