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I have friends.Which friends would you follow? Circle those pictures.Which friends would you not follow? Put an X on those pictures.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramJanuary 14, 20182nd Sunday in Ordinary TimeShare ExperiencesObjective The children will identify signs of friendship. Gather the children in a circle in the open area, holdinghands. Lead them in singing “Gather Together” (CD-2, #1).Gathering Prayer “Thank you, God, for our friends. Help us to be good friends to them and to you. Help us to follow you and share your love with others.” The children respond, “Amen.”Story ● Rosie’s Birthday Surprise Gather the children in the story area and tell this story:“Good morning, Birthday Girl!” said Rosie’s dad. “Time to get up.” Rosie sat up. “Dad! You have my quilt, and I’m cold!” Dad laughed. “Get dressed quickly and come to the kitchen. Your mom has a special breakfast for you.” Rosie jumped out of bed, got dressed, and ran to the kitchen. She could smell the birthday breakfast before she saw it. “Waffles!” Rosie said. “With syrup and whipped cream,” her mom said. Rosie ate two big waffles.Rosie’s dad came into the kitchen with his coat on. “Hurry up,” he said. “The school bus is coming.” When the school bus pulled up, the bus driver opened the door, stepped down on the curb, and bowed to Rosie. “We are honored to have the birthday girl on the bus today,” the bus driver said. Rosie looked at her dad. “How does he know it’s my birthday?” she asked. Just then Rosie heard knocking on the bus windows. She looked up. Boys and girls were laughing and pointing to her front porch. Rosie looked. Attached to the flower pot weresix red balloons and an enormous sign that said, “Happy Birthday, Rosie!” A card was pinned to the bottom of the sign. It said, “To our favorite birthday girl. Love, Grandma and Uncle Don.” Rosie hugged her dad. “I love my birthday surprise,” she said. “I’m going to call Grandma and Uncle Don as soon as I get home from school.” Rosie climbed on the bus. The bus driver climbed on too, and off they went to school.Ask: How did Rosie’s family make her birthday special? How do you think Rosie’s friends may have celebrated with her at school? How can you make your friends feel special on their birthdays?Activity ● Who are my friends? (page 2) Move to the work area, distribute Promise, and have the children open to page 2. Discuss what makes children friends. Ask: How do school friends act on the school bus? Invite the children to draw faces of the bus driver and their school friends in the school bus windows. If they do not ride a bus, have them draw the friends they would want to be on the bus with them if they did. Then have the children look at the house illustration and talk about who their friends are at home. Ask: How do home friends show they are yourfriends? Invite the children to draw the faces of their home friends in the house illustration.Activity ● Heads Up! Play a silly game to allow the children to use up some energy. The children sit in a circle with their heads down on their laps and their eyes tightly shut. You choose one child silently. That child gets up and circles the seated children, then lightly taps one on the head or back. The child who was tapped must stay quiet until the tapping child has settled back in the circle. Then you call out, “Heads up!” Everyone looks up. The child tapped has to guess who was the tapper. If the child guesses right, he or she gets to be the tapper.Cover Activity ● I have friends. (page 1) Pass out pencils or crayons. This activity will help the children prepare for the Gospels when we learn about Jesus’ public life and ministry. Invite the children to read the cover copy aloud to you, beginning with the title. Talk about the little illustrations one by one as a group and proceed with the circling and crossing out.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will learn Jesus made friends. Invite the children to come to the Gospel area and sing“Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24).Sunday Gospel ● People come to Jesus. When Jesus grew up, people began to follow him. During the next four weeks, we will hear many stories about these people, beginning with three today whose names the children may recognize. Read this version of Sunday’s Gospel or tell it in your own words:A man named John the Baptist was teaching people and baptizing them by the Jordan River. One day, John saw Jesus walk by. “Look,” he said to the people near him. “This is the Lamb of God. He is very special to God. You should meet him.”Two of John’s friends went up to Jesus. “What are you looking for?” Jesus asked them. “Where do you live?” they asked Jesus. “Come and see,” Jesus said. So the two men went home with Jesus.One of these two men was named Andrew. He told his brother, Simon, that Jesus was the Messiah. Andrew brought Simon to meet Jesus. Jesus said to Simon, “Your new name is Peter.” Andrew, Peter, and Andrew’s friend all became followers of Jesus.Invite the children to retell the story to you. Ask: What would you talk about with Jesus? Who would you invite to meet Jesus?Activity ● Jesus makes friends. (page 3) Distribute scissors and demonstrate how to cut off the strip on the right side of the page and cut the three figures apart. Read theTG2-34Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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