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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjectives ● The children will: ●  Recognizetalentstheypossess.●  Identifyconcretewaystosharetheirtalentswithothers. Begin Promise class by gathering in a prayer circle. Playand sing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).Gathering Prayer Invite the children to hold hands as you pray: “Dear God, thank you for making each of us special. Thank you for making us members of this special group. Help us learn more about you today.” The children respond, “Amen.”Warm-Up Activity ● Everyone has talents. Ask: Do you know what a talent is? Most children have heard of a talent show. They will define talent as some public activity a person is good at—singing, dancing, spelling. Get the children to expand their ideas of talent by asking the following questions and accepting answers from two children per question:●  Miller can spell Mississippi, and Julia can draw on a computer. Does Miller have a talent? Does Julia have a talent?●  Hailey can get her baby brother to drink his bottle, and Samuel can tap dance. Does Hailey have a talent? Does Samuel have a talent?●  Karlotta can help her grandma make braided rugs, and Isaiah can make his grandpa laugh. Does Karlotta have a talent? Does Isaiahhave a talent?Give more examples if you wish. Conclude by telling the children a talent is anything good a person can do. God wants us all to use our talents to help each other, to get along with each other, and to have fun.Story ● Friends share with each other. (page 1) Ask: What makes someone a good friend? What do friends do with each other and for each other? Share food and games and being loyal, not letting each other down. Tell the children you know a story about two friends:Maria and Mateo live in San Francisco where it rains a lot. One day, Maria was over at Mateo’s house playing in his backyard. They noticed the sky was getting dark but they were having so much fun that they didn’t notice the raindrops until they came down hard and fast. “Let’s go!” Mateo yelled, and he took off running to the house. Maria followed right behind. By the time they got through the back door, Maria’s hair was wet and Mateo’s shirt was sticking to his back.Mateo’s mother made hot chocolate for them. They watched the rain run down the windows as they drank the chocolate. “My mom said I should be home by 4:30,” Maria said. “How can I walk home in the rain?” Mateo laughed. “I know how you can get home,” he said. “I will be right back.” Maria heard Mateo talking to his mother.Then she heard cupboards opening and closing. “What isMateo doing?” Maria wondered. Then Mateo appeared. He had a yellow raincoat, a yellow hat, and a big red and yellow umbrella in his hand. “I can walk you home,” Mateo said. “The coat and hat will keep me dry, and the umbrella will keep the rain off you.” Mateo smiled. “Good idea!” she said. The two friends walked down the block to Maria’s house.Ask: Can anyone tell about a time when a friend helped you out? Listen to two or three stories, then conclude by telling the children that being a good friend is a talent too. It is something God gave us that we can practice and get really good at.Have the children move to the work area and color the pictures of Maria and Mateo on the cover. If your class time is short, they can color the illustration at home.Activity ● What do I like to do? (page 2) Explain that God has given each of us special talents for doing things. Invite the children to name the special talents the drawings around the picture frame illustrate. Ask: Which one of these talents can you do? Talk together about other things they like to do very much. Direct them to write a sentence about something they like to do. Then have them draw a picture of themselves doing that activity or a picture of something they use in the activity.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will recognize that God calls us to use our talents.Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) to prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel.Sunday Gospel ● The Three Servants Gather the children in a story circle. Tell them that our talents are gifts from God. God asks us to use these talents and share them with others. Tell them that Jesus once told a story about three servants whose master was going on a trip:The master asked the servants to take care of his money while he was gone. The first servant received five thousand dollars. The second servant received two thousand dollars. The third servant received one thousand dollars. When the master came home, the first servant said, “I used your five thousand dollars to make ten thousand dollars.” The master said, “Great, you can do more jobs for me.” The second servant said, “I used your two thousand dollars to make four thousand dollars.” The master said, “Great, you can do more jobs for me too.” The third servant said, “I was so scared I might lose your money that I hid it. Here is the same money you gave me.”TG2-6The NEW Gospel Weeklies22 1212 21212333 3233 33232 33323 322Friends share with each other.Use the color code to find how friends share.1=2=3=PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramNovember 19, 201733rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Volume 32, Number 223 2

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