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November 26, 2017 • Feast of Christ the KingWHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES HANDBOOKWhat the Church Believes and TeachesWe Have Things to Share (page 16)Preschool children find it difficult to share. At the same time, however, children can learn about sharing from watching the adults around them. We can show children that sharing what we have with others is an important and loving thing to do.Help the children find page 16. Read the sentence at the top of the page. Ask: Do you know what Jesus said about sharing? Paraphrase what Jesus says in Luke 3:11: “If you have two coats, give one to someone who doesn’t have a coat. If you have food, share it with someone who has no food.”Ask: What do you have that you can share? What do your parents and teachers tell you to share? Repeat each item that is mentioned. Spend a few minutes talking about each scene that is illustrated on the page. Encourage the children to describe what they see in each picture. Then ask the children to draw a circle around the pictures that show children sharing.Have the children close the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Seeds, pages 3–4.Live the GospelObjective The children will recognize the human need for and right to food, clothing, shelter, and love.Gospel Activity ● You helped me. (pages 3–4) Gather the children in the work area with their copies of Seeds. Turn to page 4 and ask them to describe what they see in each of the illustrations. Left column: child with peanut butter and jelly, child wearing a jacket and holding another, child with milk, someone reading to a child in bed. Right column: child with two empty slices of bread, child shivering, child with empty glass, child sick and alone.Ask: Which children have problems? What are the problems? The children in the right column. Ask: Which children can help? The ones in the left column.Pass out scissors. The children will make their own matching game by cutting on the bold lines to separate the cards. Whenthe cutting is completed, have the children turn the cards upside down. The backs of the cards have a picture of Jesus and his words from the Gospel.The child can play the game alone by turning over one card with Jesus’ picture and one card with his words “You helped me.” If the cards show a match—a problem and someone making it better—the child removes them from the table. If they don’t match, the child continues to turn one card over at a time until they remember where the match will be found. The game is completed when all the problems have been matched with the correct solutions. Two or more people can play by taking turns.Have envelopes available for the children to take their matching game pieces home. Encourage them to play the game with their families.Activity ● We share food with others. (page 2) Direct the children to pick up page 2 of Seeds. They had set this aside to play the matching game. Read the title on page 2: We share food with others. Ask: Does anyone know what a foodbank (or food pantry) is? Has anyone been to one? Explain that donating food is a way we can do what Jesus asked in the Gospel: “When I was hungry, you gave me something to eat.” Have the children complete the items that are needed at a food bank and draw lines to put them in the food donation box.Closing Prayer Move to the circle area for the final prayer and song. Pray: “Dear Jesus, thank you for telling us that you want us to help other people. We will share our food and our love this week.” The children respond, “Amen.”Play and sing “The Seed Song” (CD-1, #1) to conclude your session and prayer.Remind the children to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer together.Lesson Wrap-UpVisit to download Seeds Weekly Review template.Use Activity #27 from the Seeds Activity Book as a take-home activity or lesson wrap-up.Unit 2: We Celebrate Jesus’ Coming ● TG2-11The NEW Gospel WeekliesPFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program

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