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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will gain an understanding of the passage of time during the four weeks of Advent.Set up an Advent wreath in your classroom or take the children to church and gather around the parish Advent wreath. Light one violet candle on the wreath as you sing “Jesus Is Coming” (CD-1, #7).Gathering Prayer Ask the children to sit quietly with their hands in their laps while you pray: “Jesus, we are getting ready to celebrate your birthday at Christmas. We know you came to be with us because you love us. Thank you very much. We love you too. Come, Jesus, our brother.” The children respond, “Amen.”Story ● I Can Wait Tell the children you know a story about a girl who was getting ready for a new baby to come to their family. Ask them to sit quietly while you tell the story:Kimberly knew her mom was going to have a baby. While they were waiting, the whole family got ready. Dad painted the little roomby the kitchen for the baby to sleep in. Mom got out the clothes Kimberly had worn when she was a baby. One Sunday, a lot of people came to Kimberly’s house and brought presents for the baby who was coming. Kimberly was so excited. Her Aunt Laura brought a present for the baby and one for Kimberly too.One morning when Kimberly woke up and went into the kitchen, she saw her mom’s suitcase. “It is time for me to go to the hospital,” her mom told Kimberly. “Grandma is here to stay with you today.”Kimberly liked Grandma because they did fun things together. Grandma stayed all day and read stories to Kimberly before she went to sleep that night. “When is Mom coming home?” Kimberly asked. “Soon,” Grandma said. “As soon as the baby comes.”The next morning when Kimberly woke up, Grandma said, “I have a surprise for you. Can you guess what it is?” “It’s a baby!” Kimberly shouted. Grandma said. “You have a little brother named Joshua.”“Oh, I’m so glad to have a baby brother. I’ve never had a baby brother! When can I see him?” asked Kimberly.“As soon as we eat breakfast,” Grandma said.When they got to the hospital, Kimberly got to hold her new baby brother, Joshua, for the first time. “We are all ready for you,” Kimberly told Joshua and kissed him on his fuzzy head.Ask: What was Kimberly waiting for? How did the family get ready? Did Kimberly think waiting was worth it?Activity ● Advent is a time of getting ready for Jesus. (page 1) This week’s cover of Seeds has a candle for the children to cut out and take home. Cut out your candle before class so you can demonstrate to the children how to cut and fold it.The top part of the candle shows an Advent wreath and the words, “Come, Jesus, our brother.” Take a crayon, color one of the flames, and read the words. Tell the children that we call the weeks before Christmas the season of Advent. This is a time of getting ready for Jesus. This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. We can count down the days until Christmas by crossing off each day on a calendar. We can also use an Advent wreath. Count the candles on the wreath. There is one candle for each Sunday of Advent. We light a new candle each week.Tell the children to take this home to share with their families. The instructions for folding the candle are on page 2. Each Sunday of Advent, the children can color (Week 1) the wreath, (Week 2) the ornaments; (Week 3) a present for Jesus, and (Week 4) the straw in Jesus’ crib. The children can also cross out the days on the cover calendar.Activity ● Stretch and Sing Gather standing in a circle in the open area. Have the children hold hands, then drop them and take three big steps back. Have the children pretend to be candles. The leader pretends to light each child’s candle by placing a hand on their heads, saying: “You are shining. As you burn, you get smaller and smaller. Burn until you get shorter and shorter, until there’s almost no candle left.”Have the children get up, join hands again, and walk in a circle to the left and then to the right. They then drop hands, step back two steps, and sit. Sing “This Little Light of Mine” (CD-1, #11) to prepare the children to hear the Gospel.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will understand that Advent is a time of waiting and getting ready.Gospel Warm-Up Remind the children about the Advent wreath you showed them on the cover candle. The Advent wreath helps us think about the time that happens between now and Christmas. The people before Jesus came had to wait a long, long time for Jesus to come.Play and sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4) to prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel.Sunday Gospel ● Everyone is waiting for Jesus. Tell this story about all the people who were waiting for God to send Jesus to live with us:Long ago in the land of Israel, people prayed that God would send a great leader. “Don’t forget us. We need help,” they prayed. But sometimes it seemed as if God had forgotten them. “Dear God, you are like a father and mother to us,” the people prayed. “We knowTG2-14Advent is a time of getting ready for Jesus.1st SundayADVENTCome, Lord Jesus. 4th SundayS M T W Th F S3456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 ChristmasWe are ready.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program2nd SundayCome,BJeswuist.h us.December 3, 20171st Sunday of AdventCome, Jesus, our brother.3rd Sunday

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