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Lesson Theme: Someone powerful and good is coming.Five-Day Lesson Pacing GuideNote: This pacing guide suggests how to present the lesson over five days. Please adapt the lesson to suit your needs. Day 4Day 1Share Experiences●  Gathering Song ● “Jesus Is Coming” (CD-1, #7)●  Gathering Prayer (see page TG2-18)●  Activity ● Getting Ready for Christmas●  Story ● Jenny Gets Ready for Christmas●  Activity ● Match the Shapes (page 2)●  Activity ● Stretch●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, thank you sending Jesus to be ourfriend and brother. Amen. (Repeat.) Day 2Discover Gospel and Doctrine●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, thank you sending Jesus to be our friend and brother. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Gospel Ritual ● “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4)●  Sunday Gospel ● Jesus learned stories about God. (page 1)●  Activity ● Stretch and Sing “The Promise, Part 2” (CD-2, #3)●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for people who help usprepare for Jesus. Amen. (Repeat.)Day 3●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for people who help us prepare for Jesus. Amen. (Repeat.)Distribute the students’ What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks. Turn to page 7.●  Activity ● Seeds Activity Book, Activity #11●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for Mary, our Mother.Amen. (Repeat.)Live the Gospel●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for Mary, our Mother. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Saint Story ● Juan Diego Meets the Mother of God (page 3)●  Activity ● Creative Drama (page 3)●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, help us to say yes to you like Mary did.Amen. (Repeat.)Day 5●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, help us to say yes to you like Mary did. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Weekly Review●  Closing Prayer (see page TG2-19)●  Closing Song ● “Mary, Our Mother” (CD-2, #23)Friday Take-HomeRemind the students to share their lesson with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer on page 2 together.Curriculum Connections●  ELA: Have the children complete two sentence starters: To prepare for guests, my family _________________. My favorite thing to do with guests is _________________.●  SS: Explain to the children that many people waited for Jesus to be born (Mary, Joseph, his cousin John, Jewish prophets, etc.). Ask them to make a list of people who waited for them to be born (e.g., parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, doctors).Additional ResourcesExtending the LessonSaints and Feast Days to Celebrate●  Weekly Review Template (●  Seasonal Resources (●  Video Links: Go to to subscribe to GROW.Catholic Identity Project of the WeekJust as John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus, we are called todo the same. As a group, identify things the children can do for their families or in their communities to prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas. Activities could include cleaning, donating gifts to the needy, baking cookies for loved ones, or making cards.●  December 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe – Our Lady appeared to Saint Juan Diego (whose feast day is December 9) on Tepeyac Hill, near modern-day Mexico City. It took four appearances—and two miracles—to convince the bishop to believe Juan’s story. Our Lady of Guadalupe is patron of the Americas. Share your faith openly and joyfully with someone this week.●  December 14: Saint John of the Cross – Saint John is one of 36 saints the Church also honors as Doctors of the Church—so named because their writing or preaching is relevant in all times. Pray: Lord, remind me to always speak (text, post, and tweet) in ways that honor you.Unit 2: We Celebrate Jesus’ Coming ● TG2-17

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