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December 10, 2017 • 2nd Sunday of AdventWHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES HANDBOOKWhat the Church Believes and TeachesMary Is Our Mother (page 7)Mary is Jesus’ mother. We can think of Mary as our mother too. We pray to Mary to ask Jesus to help us with what we need. Since Mary was a human like us, she cannot answer our prayers directly. But she can ask God to help us because Jesus has made her our mother too.Help the children find page 7 in their books. Read the sentences at the top of the page with the children. Then look at the pictures. Near the top of the page is Mary, who is listening to the prayers of her children on earth. Suggest to the children some reasons why each of the people shown might be talking to their mother, Mary. Explain that people can tell Mary about things that make them happy and things that make them feel bad. She will always listen.Ask the children to complete the prayers from each of the people to Mary, who will hear their prayers. Invite the children to draw pictures of themselves talking to Mary in prayer.Have the children close the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Seeds, page 3.Live the GospelObjective The children will hear, retell, and dramatize the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe.Saint Story ● Juan Diego Meets the Mother of God (page 3) Tell the children this story about Juan Diego:A long time ago in the country of Mexico lived a poor Native American called Juan Diego. One day, Juan was walking to Mass when he heard a woman’s voice call his name. “Juan Diego,” the woman said. The woman was speaking his Aztec language. Juan saw a beautiful woman with a turquoise cloak full of stars. She had dark skin and dark eyes and looked like one of Juan’s people.“I am Mary, the Mother of God,” she said. “Tell the bishop to build a church here in my honor.” Juan knew the bishop would think he was crazy. “Mother, the bishop will not listen to me,” he said.“Please go,” Mary said. “I have chosen you to do this.”So Juan went, but the bishop would not listen. “Go away. Don’twaste my time,” the bishop said. Juan went back to tell Mary that he had failed. “Please try again.” Mary said. Juan returned to the bishop’s house. The bishop said, “I still don’t believe the Mother of God has appeared to you. Bring me a sign to prove it is she.”Juan went back to tell Mary what the bishop had said. “Mother, you will have to send someone more important,” Juan said.Mary said, “I have chosen you, Juan Diego. I will give you a sign for the bishop. Go to the top of this hill and pick roses for the bishop.”It was December and it was cold on the hill where Juan and Mary were talking. Juan didn’t know how roses could be growing in December, but he looked anyway. He found so many roses he had to use his cloak to carry them. He took them to the bishop’s house.“What are you carrying in your cloak?” the bishop asked Juan.“It is the sign from the Mother of God,” Juan said. He opened his cloak, and the roses spilled out. The bishop got down on his knees before Juan. When Juan looked down, he saw that a picture of the beautiful woman was on his cloak.“I will build a church where the Mother of God has asked,” the bishop said, and he did. The church is there today, and Juan Diego’s cloak with the Mother of God’s picture is there too. The beautiful lady, Our Lady of Guadalupe, is the patron of Mexico, the Mexican people, and North and South America. Her feast day is December 12.Activity ● Creative Drama Have the children open Seeds to page 3. Have them retell the story by looking at each picture. Then have the children put their copies of Seeds at the worktable and stand in the open space. Lead them through the story again as they make all of Juan’s movements.Closing Prayer Gather the children in the prayer circle. Have them look at page 4 of Seeds, the coloring page of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Direct them to take the coloring page home.Invite the children to look at the drawing of Our Lady of Guadalupe as you play “Mary, Our Mother” (CD-2, #23).Remind the children to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer together.Lesson Wrap-UpVisit to download Seeds Weekly Review template.Use Activity #11 from the Seeds Activity Book as a take-home activity or lesson wrap-up.Unit 2: We Celebrate Jesus’ Coming ● TG2-19The NEW Gospel WeekliesPFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program

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