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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will learn how they can get their hearts ready for Jesus.Gather in a circle to sing “Jesus Is Coming” (CD-1, #7) as you prepare to pray and begin class.Gathering Prayer Point to the Advent wreath and bring out the candle from the 1st week of Advent. Tell children this Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Fold your candle so it becomes shorter and the panel with the gift is right beneath the flame.Pray: “Dear Jesus, come into our hearts. Help us to know your love and share it with others. Help us to be kind and respectful as we make ourselves ready for your Christmas birthday.”The children respond, “Amen.”Warm-Up Activity ● Loving Actions andWords Instruct the children to sit down and place their hands in their laps. Place the pictures of emotions you have brought facedown in the center of the circle. Make sure you have at least one picture per child. Tell the children they will be spending a few minutes talking about feelings.Give each child a turn to select one of the faces. Next, invite each child to describe the emotion the face depicts. Ask: Is it a happyor sad face? Does the person look frightened or angry? Whatmay have been said to the person to make him or her show that emotion? You may need to offer some words to assist the children. A puppet can be useful in encouraging the children to talk.When everyone has had a turn, collect the emotion pictures. The children remain seated as you read the story.Story ● The Christmas Countdown Chain Make a Christmas countdown chain for your class in advance by stapling as many links of colored paper together as there are days until Christmas. Bring it to the story area and tell this story:“Good morning,” Tommy’s parents said as he came hopping intothe kitchen for breakfast. “Good morning,” Tommy said. “May I take another link off my Christmas chain?” Tommy had been taking one link a day off of his Christmas countdown chain. Every day, a special instruction was printed on the link. So far they had been:●  Fourteen days left. Make 14 giant steps.●  Thirteen days left. Hop 13 times on one foot.●  Twelve days left. Run in place while Dad counts to 12.●  Eleven days left. Do 11 somersaults.What would the instruction be now that there were only 10 days left until Christmas? Tommy pulled a link from his chain. He handed the paper to his mom to read. “This is a long message, Tommy,” his mom said. “Are you ready?” “I’m ready,” Tommy said. “I bet I willhave to do long jumps.” His mom smiled and then read,“Christmas is 10 days away. Get your heart ready for the big day. Make 10 people happy. Give a hug or a smile. Tell 10 people you like them and talk with them awhile.”Tommy looked confused. “I don’t get it. I’ve been doing exercises to keep a healthy heart. I ran, hopped, and jumped. My heart is ready!” Tommy’s dad picked him up and sat Tommy on his lap. He said, “You know all the exercises to keep your heart healthy. What Mom read are exercises to keep your heart loving. When we give a hug or smile or talk with someone to show our love, we are getting a loving heart ready for Jesus’ birthday.” Tommy said, “Please help me plan how I can make 10 people happy.”Ask: What are some loving words and actions Tommy can say or do to get his heart ready for Jesus’ birthday?Activity ● Stretch and Play As space allows, have the children stand and do the same kinds of exercises Tommy did in the story: 14 giant steps, 13 hops on one foot, running in place while you count to 12, and 11 somersaults.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will learn that loving actions help them get ready for Jesus.Gather in the Gospel storytelling area and sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4). Direct the children to sit with their copies of Seeds in front of them.Sunday Gospel ● The whole world welcomes Jesus. (page 1) Tell the following Gospel story about the whole world being ready for Jesus to come:A long time ago, God made the world. First, God made the sun and the moon and the stars. Then God made the plants and fish. Then God made all the different kinds of animals. Finally, God made people. “Everything I have made is good,” God said.People lived in the world for a long time. Sometimes the people were kind to each other and helped each other plant their gardens and take care of their children. But sometimes the people were mean and selfish and hurt each other. When God saw that people were doing bad things, God said, “I will send my Son to them. My Son will help the people learn how to be good. He will show them how much I love them and how much I love the beautiful world I made.”The people were glad when they heard God was sending someone special to be with them. But God’s Son did not come right away. People had to wait, just as we wait to celebrate the birthday of God’s Son, Jesus. While we wait, we get our hearts ready by doing loving actions.TG2-22The whole world welcomes Jesus.Welcome,Jesus!PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramDecember 17, 20173rd Sunday of Advent

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