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Lesson Theme: Jesus is God’s Son and Mary’s son.Five-Day Lesson Pacing GuideNote: This pacing guide suggests how to present the lesson over five days. Please adapt the lesson to suit your needs. Day 4Day 1Share Experiences●  Gathering Song ● “Jesus Is Coming” (CD-1, #7)●  Gathering Prayer (see page TG2-26)●  Story ● Allison and Kevin Listen●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, help us to always listen and learn.Amen. (Repeat.)Day 2Discover Gospel and DoctrineLive the Gospel●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, help our families be holy. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Activity ● The Christmas Story Booklet (pages 1–4)●  Prayer Activity ● The Hail Mary (page 1)●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for the gift of Jesus. Amen.(Repeat.)Day 5●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for the gift of Jesus. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Weekly Review●  Closing Prayer (see page TG2-27)●  Closing Song ● “Jesus Is Coming” (CD-1, #7)Friday Take-HomeRemind the students to share their lesson with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer on page 1 together.Curriculum Connections●  ELA: Explain to the children that names are important. Remind them that the angel Gabriel told Mary to name her baby Jesus because Jesus is a name with a special meaning. Have the children practice writing their own names and their classmates’ names.●  Math: Have the children generate number questions (number of children, ages, etc.) about the families in your class. Be sensitive to those who have blended or nontraditional families. With the children, brainstorm ways they can organize and represent the data they collect from these questions.●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, help us to always listen and learn. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Gospel Ritual ● “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4)●  Sunday Gospel ● An angel asks Mary to be the Mother of God.●  Activity ● Gospel Creative Drama●  Song ● “Mary, You Said Yes to God” (CD-2, #24)●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, help us to say yes to you. Amen.(Repeat.)Day 3●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, help us to say yes to you. Amen. (Repeat.)Distribute the students’ What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks. Turn to page 9.●  Activity ● Seeds Activity Book, Activity #23●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, help our families be holy. Amen.(Repeat.)Additional ResourcesExtending the LessonSaints and Feast Days to Celebrate●  Weekly Review Template (●  Seasonal Resources (●  Video Links: Go to to subscribe to GROW.●  Extending Activities ( Identity Project of the WeekCelebrate the Annunciation in your classroom this week. Brainstorm with the children the ways that we share our good news with others— Skype, Facetime, phone calls, social media, or texting. Invite the children to act out the Sunday Gospel, giving everyone the opportunity to play Mary and the angel Gabriel.●  December 26: Saint Stephen – Saint Stephen was one of seven deacons in charge of distributing food and aid to widows. He was stoned to death in A.D. 34, making him the first Christian martyr.●  December 27: Saint John the Apostle – Also referred to as John the Evangelist and the Beloved Disciple, Saint John stood by Jesus’ Cross and was the one Jesus entrusted to care for Mary. Offer a prayer of thanks for a good friend.●  December 28: Feast of the Holy Innocents – King Herod feared anything that might undermine his power, including a young Jew named Jesus. This feast day commemorates the death of all the young boys killed due to Herod’s command.Unit 2: We Celebrate Jesus’ Coming ● TG2-25

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