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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjectives ● The children will:●  Developagreaterawarenessoftheirsenseofhearing.●  Listenforsoundsandidentifythem.Gather the children in a circle in the open area, holdinghands. Lead them in singing “Gather Together” (CD-2, #1).Gathering Prayer “Thank you, God, for the gift of hearing. We are happy we can hear all the sounds around us. We hear our families. We hear our friends. We hear our pets. We hear about Jesus. Please help us to listen well.” The children respond, “Amen.”Activity ● I Can Hear Gather the children in a circle. Have a box of objects that make noise behind you. Ask the children to listen carefully to see if they can identify the different sounds. Make the sounds inside the box so they can’t see what you are doing. Suggestions: ring a bell, hit two spoons together, set an alarm on a clock or timer and have it go off, bounce a small ball, snap your fingers, rattle a piece of paper. Next, have the children take turns asking for sounds. If one child says, “Bark like a dog,” all bark. Continue around the circle until everyone has taken a turn.Finger Play ● Ten Little Fingers Recite this finger play and model the actions:I have ten little fingers. (Hold up hands and wiggle fingers.) They all belong to me.I can make them do things.Would you like to see?I can shut them up tight. (Clench fists tightly.)Or open them all wide. (Open as wide as possible.) Put them all together. (Interlock fingers.)Or make them all hide. (Put hands behind back.)I can make them jump high. (Raise arms.)I can make them jump low. (Lower arms.)I can fold them quietly, and hold them all just so. (Place hands, with palms together, in lap.)Story ● What Does Mark Hear? (pages 2–3) Stay in the circle. Ask the children to listen carefully to this story about Mark, a boy who needed to learn to listen:Mark was going to visit his grandparents’ farm. Grandpa and Grandma were so happy to see him. Mark was eager to see allthe farm animals, but Grandpa said he would have to wait until morning. When Mark was watching TV after supper, Grandpa asked him to close the door since it was getting chilly. Mark just sat there. Grandpa asked him again. Still Mark just sat there.Later on, Grandma told Mark it was time to go to bed. Mark just sat there. Grandma told him again. Mark just sat there. Finally, Grandma turned off the TV. “Mark, didn’t you hear what I said?” “No, Grandma,” answered Mark. Later in the evening, Grandpa told Grandma, “I think Mark needs some help learning to listen.”The next morning, Grandpa took Mark outside for a walk around the farm. He showed him the new red tractor. Mark saw the sheep and her lamb, the horse getting a drink, the sow with her piglets, the hen and her chicks, the rooster, the brown and white cow, even the farm dog and cat. The rooster was busy waking up the world. The cow was chomping hay for breakfast. The little chicks were busy hunting for food. After the walk when Mark was inside having some cookies and milk, Grandma asked him what sounds he heard outside on his walk. Mark looked puzzled. He hadn’t been aware of any sounds except Grandpa talking to him. “Go back outside and really listen this time, Mark,” Grandma said.Tell the children they are going to go with Mark on his walk. Gather them in the work area. Distribute Seeds. Have them open to pages 2–3. Retell the walk with Mark and Grandpa. As you mention each animal, the children find it in the picture and make the sound. Retell the walk a second time, mixing up the sequence. This time, you make the sound and the children circle the object or animal.Ask: Can you find any sounds in the picture that even Mark’s grandpa didn’t notice?Activity ● Stretch and Sing Move to the open area and sing “God Made the Animals” (CD-1, #2). Have the children pretend to be the animals as they make the sounds.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will recognize that Jesus calls us.Invite the children to bring their copies of Seeds to the Gospel area and sit in a circle. Have your own copy displayed there. Sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4).Sunday Gospel ● Jesus says, “Come and listen.” (page 1) Review the story of Mark. Discuss the importance of both hearing and listening. Ask: Do you ever feel your parents don’t listen to you? Do you ever forget to listen to your parents? Tell them that Jesus taught his followers that it is important to listen well so they could learn all about God. Have them look at the cover of Seeds as you read the Gospel story:After John had baptized Jesus in the river, John went to two of his followers. “Do you see that man?” John asked them. “He is Jesus, God’s chosen one.” “We want to meet Jesus,” they said. So Andrew and his friend followed Jesus. When Jesus saw them following him, he said, “What are you looking for?” Andrew asked, “Teacher, whereTG2-34Jesus says,“Come and listen.”PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramJanuary 14, 20182nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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