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Lesson Theme: God gives and sustains life.Five-Day Lesson Pacing GuideNote: This pacing guide suggests how to present the lesson over five days. Please adapt the lesson to suit your needs. Day 4Day 1Share Experiences●  Gathering Song ● “This Little Light of Mine” (CD-1, #11)●  Gathering Prayer (see page TG2-6)●  Cover Activity ● Everybody has talents. (page 1)●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for giving us talents.Amen. (Repeat.)Day 2Discover Gospel and DoctrineLive the Gospel●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for loving us as your children. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Activity ● What can I be? (page 2)●  Activity ● My Special Talents (pages 3–4)●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, help us to share our talents withothers. Amen. (Repeat.)Day 5●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, help us to share our talents with others. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Activity ● The Talent Game (pages 3–4)●  Weekly Review●  Closing Prayer (see page TG2-7)●  Closing Song ● “God Gave Me Hands” (CD-1, #13)Friday Take-HomeRemind the students to share their lesson with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer on pages 3 and 4 together.Curriculum Connections●  ELA: Have the children identify a special talent. Then help them complete the following sentence starters: One thing I am good at is ___. One way I can share this with the world is ____. Have them create drawings that show their talents. Display.●  SS: Model giving compliments to the children. Encourage them to give sincere compliments to each other throughout the week.●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for giving us talents. Amen. (Repeat.)●  Gospel Ritual ● “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4)●  Sunday Gospel ● Everybody has talents. (page 1)●  Activity ● Stretch and Sing “I’m So Special” (CD-2, #20)●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for making each one of usspecial. Amen. (Repeat.)Day 3●  Gathering Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for making each one of us special. Amen. (Repeat.)Distribute the students’ What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks. Turn to page 17.●  Activity ● Seeds Activity Book, Activity #26●  Closing Prayer ● Loving God, thank you for loving us as yourchildren. Amen. (Repeat.)Additional ResourcesExtending the LessonSaints and Feast Days to Celebrate●  Weekly Review Template (●  Seasonal Resources (●  Video Links: Go to to subscribe to GROW.●  Extending Activities ( Identity Project of the WeekHave the children celebrate their talents by organizing a talent show. Keep it easy and low-key. Invite the children to share a talent in front of their classmates and guests (such as parents, your pastor, and other members of your parish). If possible, ask your guests to participate in the talent show as well.●  November 18: Beatification of Solanus Casey – A poor student, Father Solanus found his own simple way to serve God. This American-born priest will now be known as Blessed, one step closer to becoming Saint. He is known for his great faith, care for the sick, and ability as a spiritual counselor. Ask: How will you serve God and others with your life?●  November 19: First World Day of the Poor – Pope Francis will mark this day by hosting a lunch for people who are poor. He urges all Christians to share a meal with the poor. Pray the Lord’s Prayer with special focus on “Give us this day our daily bread.”●  November 21: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Mary’s parents present their daughter in the Temple to fulfill a promise to God. Mary’s mother, Anne, had prayed for a child and promised she would dedicate her child to God’s service. Pray the Hail Mary.Unit 2: We Celebrate Jesus’ Coming ● TG2-5

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