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                                                                                                         Teaching This Week’s Lesson
  Share Experiences
Objective The children will understand Lent as a time of preparing for Easter.
Begin Promise class by gathering in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).
Gathering Prayer Make the Sign of the Cross together. Pray together the Lord’s Prayer, having them repeat each line after you. Make the Sign of the Cross again. Tell the children that this Sunday is the first in the season of Lent, an important time for Jesus’ followers to pray and do loving actions. Lent helps us get ready for Easter.
Cover Activity ● Lent is a time to get ready for Easter. (page 1) Remain in the prayer circle, distribute pages 1–2 of Promise, and invite the children to describe each of the cover illustrations to you. Clockwise from top left: receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday; praying the Stations of the Cross; attending Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration; doing Works of Mercy (like feeding the hungry); praying the Rosary; and celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Read the title and invite the children to share what they know about Lent. Let them tell about their experiences of Ash Wednesday. Summarize: Lent is special time in the Church when we do loving actions and pray more than usual. It’s a time of getting closer to God and to each other.
Activity ● Stretch and Sing Lead the children around the room as you play and sing “Saying Yes” (CD-1, #17).
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objectives ● The children will:
●  RecognizethatJesustellseveryoneaboutGod’slove.
●  RecognizeLentasatimefordoinglovingactions.
Play and sing “Glory and Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ” (CD-2, #23). Lead the children in tracing a cross on their foreheads, lips, and hearts. Pray: “We pray for God’s Word
to be in our minds, on our lips, and in our hearts.” Note that we don’t use the Alleluia as the Gospel Acclamation during the season of Lent.
Sunday Gospel ● Jesus takes time to
pray. Mark’s version of Jesus’ temptation in the desert is the one we read this year. It is much shorter than Matthew’s. The important message in Mark’s story of Jesus’ temptation is that Jesus came out of his desert retreat committed to telling the world about God’s love for them. Share this Gospel story:
Once, Jesus went away for 40 days to think about what God wanted him to do. Jesus made important choices about what his work would be. He chose to teach people about how much God loves them. After his 40 days of praying and getting ready were over, Jesus went out and said to everybody, “God is very close to you. Change your lives! Believe in the Good News about God’s love.”
Activity ● Lent is a time to... (page 2) Invite the children to be detectives using a secret code to reveal a hidden message. Read the first part of the sentence together “Lent is
a time to...” Explain how they are to match the symbols to the letters. Find the first letter together and then let them finish the word on their own. When all of the children have finished writing the letters in the blank spaces, read the message together as a class: Lent is a time to pray, help, share, and forgive.
Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
What the Church Believes and Teaches
Holy Seasons: Lent and Easter (page 18)
 Invite the children to talk about happy times they have at home and with their extended families. Ask: How do you celebrate Christmas and Easter? Point out that these are holidays but, more importantly, they are holy days. They are Church days. Their celebrations should include going to Mass.
Show the children a family calendar that is full of reminders for birthdays, appointments, games, free days, and so on. Then show them a liturgical calendar. It is full of holy days and holy seasons. Help them find the Sundays of Advent and Lent, the days of Christmas and Easter.
Take time to talk about the pictures for the matching activity. They may have matched the Advent and Christmas words and pictures during Advent. Be sure the children understand these points about Lent and Easter:
●  During Lent, we focus on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (giving to the poor) to help us prepare for Easter.
●  AcrucifixshowsJesus’sufferingandDeathontheCross.The Cross with the purple cloth draped on it is a symbol of Jesus’ Death.
  Lent is a time to get ready for Easter.
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