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                        Teaching This Week’s Lesson
  Share Experiences
Objective The children will recognize ways to find peace and make peace.
Gather in a circle and sing “Come Gather” (CD-2, #2) as you begin your Seeds session.
Gathering Prayer Pray: “Dear God, you made every one of us special. Thank you for sending Jesus to be with us. Help us to learn more about him today.” The children respond, “Amen.”
Story ● Pippa’s Problem and Her Peaceful Path (page 2) Ask: Do your parents ever say, “All I want is a little peace in this house”? What do they mean by peace? Talk about ways to make a home peaceful. Ask: Do you have a special place where you feel peaceful? Tell this story about a girl who needs to be peaceful:
Pippa was playing with her blocks. She was building a house with
a garage. She finished the garage and looked for a car to put in it. She saw her brother Andy’s toy cars. The red car looked like it would fit into her garage. Pippa knew these cars were special to Andy. He had asked her not to touch them. “The car will be safe in my garage,” Pippa thought. She picked up the red car and drove it into the garage. She put a block in front of the garage for a door.
Just as Pippa finished, Andy came home from school. He went to play with his cars and noticed the red car was missing. “Did you take my red car?” Andy asked. Pippa nodded. “Where is it?” Andy asked. “In my garage,” said Pippa. “It’s very safe.”
Andy took his car back. Pippa tried to grab it, but Andy held it over his head. Pippa yelled, “Mom!” and their mother came in from the kitchen. Pippa was crying. “You know you shouldn’t take Andy’s cars,” Pippa’s mother said to her. “I think you should take some time out.”
Pippa put on her jacket and sat on the porch. The sun was warm. Her kitty jumped up on the porch and walked over to Pippa. The kitty’s fur was warm. Pippa petted and petted it.
Pippa’s mom came outside and asked, “Would you like to feed the ducks?” Pippa nodded yes. They walked to the duck pond. Pippa threw bread to the ducks. She found a smooth stone that just fit
in her palm. Soon it was time to walk home. Mom talked to Pippa about Andy’s cars. Pippa was sorry she had taken one without asking and for making Andy angry. Just then, Andy came walking toward them. “Andy, I’m sorry I took your car,” Pippa said.
“That’s okay,” Andy said. “Just ask next time. Do you want to shake on it?” Pippa and Andy shook hands, “I can help you build a bigger garage if you want,” Andy said. “Yes, I do,” Pippa said. And that’s what they did.
Distribute Seeds. Have the children retell the story to each other in pairs, using the illustrations on page 2. Ask: How did Pippa’s behavior upset the family’s peace? What helped bring peace to Pippa? How did Pippa and Andy make peace? How can you make this classroom a peaceful place? How can you help make peace at home?
Activity ● Peace Parade Distribute crayons and one 5-inch white paper square to each child. Invite the children to draw something that makes them feel peaceful. Staple or tape each square to a straw to make a flag. Play “The Spirit Song” (CD-1, #15) and have a peace parade.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will learn that Jesus healed people who were far from God.
Activity ● Gospel Warm-Up Invite the children to bring their copies of Seeds to the Gospel area, placing Seeds faceup on the floor in front of them. Read the title on page 1. Ask: What do you think Jesus is doing?
Recall with the children what we mean by peace. Invite them to make the peace sign—index and middle fingers held up and spread apart to make a V. Ask them to listen carefully. If they hear a peaceful word, they stand and give the peace sign. If they hear an unpeaceful word, they stay sitting. Use these examples and add your own:
●  Mom asked Jack to put his toys away. Jack said, “No, I won’t.” ●  Jane bumped into a lady at the store and said, “I’m sorry.”
●  Bill accidentally knocked Kevin’s paper off his table. Kevin said,
“That’s okay.”
●  Monica’s little sister wanted to read her book with her. Monica
said, “Go away.”
●  The teacher asked the children to quiet down. The children said,
Play and sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4) to prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel.
Sunday Gospel ● Jesus heals an unpeaceful man. Read this Gospel story to the children:
After Jesus had called his first followers, he went with them to the synagogue. It was the Sabbath day when Jews like Jesus gathered to listen to the Bible and hear someone teach about what the words meant. On this day, Jesus was the teacher. People listened closely because they could tell Jesus was a special person God had sent to them.
 Jesus brings us peace.
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
January 28, 2018
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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