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               Teaching This Week’s Lesson
   Share Experiences
Objective The children will pray three prayers.
Begin Seeds class by gathering in a prayer circle. Play and
sing “Hello, Jesus” (CD-2, #18).
Gathering Prayer Remind the children how to make the Sign of the Cross. Pray together the Lord’s Prayer, having them repeat each line after you. Make the Sign of the Cross again. Tell the children that this Sunday is the first in the season of Lent, an important time for Jesus’ followers to pray and do loving actions. Lent helps us get ready for Easter.
Story ● Alaina learns to pray. Remind the children
of your recent discussions about prayer. Summarize what you learned about how, when, and where they pray. Ask: Who prays with you? Do you pray special prayers? Who is teaching you those prayers? Share this story about a girl named Alaina who learned her prayers from a special person:
Alaina was happy that her grandma came to live with them. Grandma had a special room in their house. Sometimes, Grandma invited Alaina to her room. Grandma had a rocking chair and she let Alaina rock in it. She let Alaina play with the squishy pillows on her bed. She had a round paperweight that had a little house and tree inside it. When Alaina turned the paperweight upside down, snow fell on the house and the tree.
Grandma had a prayer corner in her room. She had a picture of Jesus’ mother Mary and a crucifix and a candle. She kept her prayer book in there too. Whenever Alaina visited Grandma’s room, they spent time in the prayer corner first. They prayed for Alaina’s mom and dad and for Grandma’s other children and grandchildren. They prayed for people who were sick and about worries they had. They always prayed for birthday people. Grandma knew a lot of birthday people because she was so old.
Alaina asked Grandma to teach her some prayers. Grandma showed Alaina how to make the Sign of the Cross. She taught her the words to the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary. Learning these prayers made Alaina feel very grown up.
As you did with the Lords’ Prayer earlier, direct the children to repeat each line of the Hail Mary after you. Answer any questions the children may have about this prayer. The greeting is the angel’s words to Mary when he told her God wanted her to be Jesus’ mother. The “Blessed art thou” sentence is what Mary’s cousin Elizabeth said to her. The last part of the prayer is what Catholics have prayed to Mary for a long time.
Activity ● Who teaches you to pray? (page 2) Move to the work area. Direct the children to look at Seeds page 2. Invite them to examine and describe the illustrations to you. Top: Mary and Jesus; middle: people praying the Lord’s Prayer at Mass; bottom: girl reaching for the holy water in the font at church. Have the children note the words that go with the first picture. Hail Mary. Distribute crayons and have them trace over the dotted lines to complete the two words. Do the same with Our Father. Then have them make the Sign of the Cross and trace the cross next to the font. Conclude by remembering the story of Alaina and who she helped teach her these prayers. Ask: Who is helping you learn these prayers? Give each child an opportunity to respond but don’t force anyone to answer.
Activity ● Stretching Gather the children in your open area and lead them in a stretching activity that uses the gestures of prayer. Direct them to imitate your movements:
Let’s walk to church. (all walk in place)
Open the door. It’s really heavy! (tug and pull at door)
Dip your fingers in the holy water and make a Sign of the Cross. Genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle. Stand back up.
We can pray many ways.
We can hold our hands up to God. (reach arms high, palms upward)
We can sway back and forth as we talk to God. (keep hands up and sway gently)
We can fold our hands. (stretch arms way out to sides and bring together)
We can sing. (cup hands alongside mouth)
When we leave, we genuflect again, make another Sign of the Cross with holy water, open the door, and walk out.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will identify Jesus’ mission to tell God’s Good News.
Play and sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4) as preparation for the proclamation of the Gospel.
Sunday Gospel ● Jesus teaches Good News about God. (page 1) Have the children sit with their hands in their laps to listen to this Gospel story:
Once, Jesus decided to take time out to pray to God. He went to a desert, a really quiet place. He stayed there for 40 days. When he was finished talking to God in prayer, he left the desert and went back to Lake Galilee. “I have Good News for you,” Jesus said to
 Jesus teaches Good News about God.
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
February 18, 2018
1st Sunday of Lent

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