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                                             Teaching This Week’s Lesson
   Share Experiences
Objective The children will recognize that they have grown and changed.
Begin Seeds class by gathering in a prayer circle. Play and sing“Everything’s Growing”(CD-1, #16).
Gathering Prayer “Dear God, thank you for making us and for making all of the beautiful things in the world. Everything you make grows and changes. Everything you make praises you.”The children respond, “Amen.”
Activity ● Growing and Changing Have the children remain seated in the circle. Ask: Has anyone been growing? Can you see yourself grow? How do you know you are growing?
Insert the names of the children in your class into the following verses about growing and changing. All the children can guess the missing word at the end.
(Name) is getting very tall. And when we play, (s)he kicks the _____. (ball)
(Name) got a new tooth this year. When we play (s)he runs like a _____. (deer)
(Name) is learning all (s)he needs. Including all the things in _____. (Seeds)
(Name) is good at games and knows how to print (her)his _____. (name)
All of you are growing strong. And this is the group where you _____. (belong)
Story ● The Very Hungry Caterpillar Have the children sit in a semicircle so they can see the pictures as you read the text of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. If your room is equipped to do so, you may prefer to share an animated version available on YouTube ( When you finish, have them retell the story of the caterpillar’s changes.
Activity ● Stretch and Sing Invite the children to stand and sing “Saying Yes” (CD-2, #8). Encourage them to move their bodies and stretch.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will recognize Jesus as God’s Son. Play and sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4) as preparation for
the proclamation of the Gospel.
Sunday Gospel ● Jesus listens to his Father. (page 1) Show the children the picture of Jesus on your copy of Seeds. Tell them this is about a time when Jesus was talking to and listening to God. Ask: How does Jesus look? Point out Jesus’three friends. Their names are Peter, James, and John. Invite the children to pretend they are listening to Jesus’ friends tell the story of what is happening in the picture.
Note: Seeds does not include Moses and Elijah in this telling of the Gospel story. Preschool children are too young to appreciate Jesus’ connection with these two important Old Testament figures.
One day, Jesus asked the three of us—Peter, James, and John—to come with him. We all climbed a big hill. When we got to the top
of the hill, something happened to Jesus. His clothes got very white and shiny. Then a beautiful cloud appeared right over him. A voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” Then suddenly, the cloud was gone. We looked all around, but we could only see Jesus. We knew Jesus had been talking and listening to
his Father. We followed Jesus down the hill and traveled on to Jerusalem.
Activity ● Gospel Creative Drama Invite the children to pretend to be Jesus’ three friends, climbing up the hill with him. Then have one child be Jesus and lift his or her hands in prayer. The other children sit down and watch. Say God’s words to Jesus, then have Jesus lower his hands and ask the other children to follow him to Jerusalem. Take turns having children pretend to
be Jesus and saying God’s words. To conclude, ask: Who did Jesus listen to? Who do you listen to?
Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
What the Church Believes and Teaches
Who Is Jesus? (page 5)
 Help the children find page 5 in their Catechism handbooks. Read the words at the top of page. Explain
 Jesus listens to his Father.
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