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                                    March 4, 2018 • 3rd Sunday of Lent
What the Church Believes and Teaches
The Church Has a Holy Book (page 19)
 Ask: Who knows what we call our holy book? Have you ever seen this book? Where? Do you know what is in this book? (Show your classroom Bible.)
Help the children find page 19 in their Catechism handbooks. Tell them the page shows a picture of our holy book. Ask: Can anyone read what the title is? When have you heard those words before? At Mass on Sunday, we hear people read from this book. It has lots of stories about Jesus and about the good people who lived before Jesus was born. It tells stories about Jesus’ life and Death and about all the people he helped. It tells how Jesus came back from being dead and lives in Heaven today.
Invite the children to color the title of the book. Print Holy Bible on the board. As you print each word, say that word out loud. Invite the children to repeat the words as you point to them.
Have the children close the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Seeds, page 2.
             Live the Gospel
Objective The children will make their own prayer book.
Activity ● What doesn’t belong? (page 2)
Gather the children in the work area with their copies of Seeds turned to page 2. Direct the children to look at each picture to find what doesn’t belong. Go over each picture and direct the children to put an X with their crayon on the thing or person that is out of place. For each picture, ask: Why doesn’t it belong there?
Activity ● Prayer Book (pages 3–4) Distribute Seeds pages 3–4 with page 4 faceup. Point out the strip of four pictures at the bottom of the page. Demonstrate how to cut the strip off and then cut the four pictures apart on the black lines. You may need an aide to help the children with the cutting. Have the children place the four boxes near the top of their tables.
Identify the objects in the four boxes with the children. Direct their attention to the rest of page 4. Look at the top picture of the
table and chairs. Read: Thank you, God, for food. Ask: Which of the four little pictures goes on the table? Give them time to glue or tape that picture in place. Read: Thank you, God, for a nice day. Ask: When do you say these words to God? Direct the children
to glue or tape the stars and moon right under the window shade. Read: Bless our pets. Direct the children to glue or tape the parakeet in the box below the cat. Now direct the children to turn the page over and find the classroom picture. Read: Bless our classroom. Direct the children to glue or tape the picture of Seeds on the easel.
Collect the glue or tape. Distribute crayons or colored pencils. Help the children print their names on the blank line. Direct them to complete the other pages, cut on the heavy black horizontal line, fold on the fold lines, and put the whole book together. Check the page numbers to make sure the children have put their books together correctly.
Closing Prayer Gather the children in the prayer circle, standing and holding their prayer books. Read through the book with them, then read the prayers for them again, giving them time to find each correct picture. At the closing, all say, “Amen.” Tell the children to take their prayer books home to share with their families.
Close your prayer and gathering by singing “LOVE God” (CD-2, #21).
Remind the children to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer together.
         Lesson Wrap-Up
Visit to download Seeds Weekly Review template.
Use Activity #1 from the Seeds Activity Book as a take-home activity or lesson wrap-up.
Unit 3: Jesus Calls Us to Follow Him ● TG3-31
The NEW Gospel Weeklies
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program

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