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               Teaching This Week’s Lesson
  Share Experiences
Objective The children will explore their feelings of being afraid.
Begin Seeds class by gathering in a prayer circle. Play and sing “God’s Family” (CD-2, #16).
Gathering Prayer “Dear God, we know you care for us. You are always with us. Help us to trust in your love.”The children respond, “Amen.”
Activity ● Light helps us see. Explain that God made darkness and light. Direct the children to use the light to study carefully how you look. Then tell them to close their eyes. While their eyes are closed, change something about yourself. When they open their eyes, ask: What change do you see? Make the change obvious at first (put on hat or scarf), then try subtler things (changing watch from one wrist to other).
Ask: What did you see when you had your eyes closed? Allow each child to tell of the darkness, picture, or colors they saw in their minds.
Story ● Annie and the Monster (page 2) Gather in a circle to hear this story about a girl named Annie who thought she had monsters in her bedroom:
Annie’s mom tucked her in and kissed her good night. Annie watched her mom leave the room and close the door. Annie pulled the blankets over her head and lay there quietly, listening listened for monster’s noises. She didn’t hear anything. She wondered, “What if I did hear a monster? What would I do?” Then she remembered what her dad says: “When you meet a monster, be sure to tell him hi! Monsters do have feelings, and without a hi, he’d cry.”
Annie peeked out into her dark room. The nightlight gave a
little bit of light, but the room was full of shadows. “What if I see a monster?” Annie worried. “What will I do?” Then she remembered what her mom says: “When you meet a monster, be sure to tell him hi! Monsters do have feelings, and may be very shy.”
Annie crawled out from under her blankets and put her feet on the floor. She peeked under her bed. “What if there’s a monster under my bed?” Annie wondered. “What can I do?” Then she remembered what her brother says: “When you meet a monster, don’t let him see you cry. The monster might be hungry. Bring out a piece of pie.”
Annie checked under her bed again. No monsters there. She tiptoed toward her closet. She reached for the doorknob but pulled her hand back. Annie stood without moving or making a sound, worrying, “There might be a monster hiding behind my new dress or next to my bat and balls.” Then Annie remembered what her
mother and her father and her brother say and, quick as a flash, threw open the closet door and turned on the light. She looked behind her dress and picked up her bat and balls, but there was no monster anywhere. “Where can that monster be?” she wondered. Annie put both hands on her hips and called out: “Monster, Monster, you’re hiding, and I don’t know why. My father says you’re lonely. My mother thinks you’re shy. My brother thinks you want to eat a piece of pie or two. But I think you’re as scared of me as I am scared of you.” Then Annie turned around, turned off the closet light, and went back to bed, leaving the closet door open just a little. “Good night, Monster,” Annie said. “Sleep tight.” And Annie went to sleep.
Distribute Seeds and have children find the picture of the monster and other scary things on page 2. Look at and discuss the pictures of other things children may be afraid of. Distribute crayons. Instruct the children to use their red crayons to put an X on the picture that shows Annie’s fear. Then direct them to use their blue crayons to circle the picture that shows what they’re afraid of. Make a list of other fears the children share.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will recognize God loves them.
Activity ● Parade of Light Tell the children you will light and carry the candle, a symbol of God’s light and love, to the area where you listen to Jesus’ story from the Gospel. Lead the children in a parade around the room while playing and singing “Let’s Celebrate Now” (CD-2, #12). When you reach the Gospel area, place the candle next to the open Bible.
Play and sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4) as preparation for the proclamation of the Gospel.
Activity ● Gospel Warm-Up Prepare this activity in advance. Punch or cut small random holes in 8˝ x 11 ˝ pieces of black construction paper. Attach the paper with paper clips over the cover illustration of Seeds.
Distribute the covered Seeds copies. Direct the children to place them on the floor in front of them. Tell the children not to touch the paper clips. Ask each child to describe what he or she sees through the black paper.
Sunday Gospel ● Jesus is the Light of the World. (page 1) Tell the children this story is about a teacher named Nicodemus who was afraid to talk to Jesus during the daytime. He didn’t want his friends to know that he needed Jesus to help him understand things. Here is what Jesus and Nicodemus talked about:
 Jesus is the Light of the World.
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
March 11, 2018
4th Sunday of Lent

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