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                                         Teaching This Week’s Lesson
        Share Experiences
Objective The children will enjoy being part of a group. Gather in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Gather Together”
(CD-2, #1)
Gathering Prayer “Jesus, we want to be your followers. Help us learn how we to follow you and share your Good News about God’s love.” The children respond, “Amen.”
Story ● The New Teacher Sit in a story circle. Use a puppet to ask the children to listen quietly to this story:
At Saint Donatus parish, three groups of preschoolers gathered in the school gym every Sunday.
Today, there was a new person standing with the teachers. The children wondered who she was. “Where is Mrs. Miller, our regular teacher?” some of the children wondered. Their questions were answered when they got ready to go to their classrooms. “Mrs. Miller isn’t feeling well, said one of teachers. “This is Miss Young. She will lead Group 3 today.”
“Hello, boys and girls,” Miss Young said to Group 3. “I am happy to meet you and be your teacher today. Since it is such a nice day, let’s go outside.” The children went with Miss Young to the bleachers by the ball field.
Miss Young said, “I want to know you each by name. So let’s
play a name game.” The children were excited and clapped their hands. Miss Young said. “In this game, I will tell about a child I can see. If you are the child I describe, please tell me your name. Listen carefully.” She looked around the group. “I see one girl who looks just like another girl, who looks just like the first girl.” The children giggled. “That’s me,” said one girl. “That’s me too!” said another girl. “We’re twins!” “It’s nice to meet you. Do you have names?” Miss Young asked. “My name is Mary,” said one girl, “and she is Kerri.” “Thank you, Mary and Kerri,” said Miss Young.
“Now, I see a boy,” she continued, “with a nice smile and freckles. Who is that?” “It’s me,” a boy said shyly. “My name is Michael.” “Michael is a great name to go with your great smile,” said Miss Young. “Now I see someone with red eyes and blue hair!” The children laughed at the thought of red eyes and blue hair. “I am glad you were listening and caught my mistake,” Miss Young said as she laughed. “I mean red hair and blue eyes.” “That’s me. I am Patrick,” said a boy. “I am pleased to meet you, Patrick,” said Miss Young.
“Now I see someone with curly hair and wheels,” said Miss Young. “Who is that?” “That’s me,” said Trevor, rocking his wheelchair back and forth. “My name is Trevor Allen Harmon.” “Trevor Allen Harmon, the pleasure is mine,” Miss Young said. The game went on until Miss
Young had described all the children. Julie had lots of dark braids, and Sarah had two blond ones. Aaron was the only child with glasses, and Maya was the only girl with long black hair. Megan was the tallest of all.
“Let’s see if I can remember your names,” said Miss Young. “Will Mary, Kerri, Michael, Trevor Allen Harmon, Julie, Sarah, Aaron, Maya, Megan, and Patrick please follow me to our classroom? I hope I didn’t forget anyone,” Miss Young said.
Activity ● Stretch and Sing Lead the children around the room while singing “God’s Family” (CD-2, #16).
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will begin to develop a sense of how we are all called to be followers of Jesus.
Gospel Warm-Up Tell the children you will play a name game and call this Seeds class one by one to the Gospel area. Prepare this area by displaying an opened Bible or your Seeds copy opened to pages 2–3.
Call each child, mentioning a unique characteristic as Miss Young did. Try not to use clothing as an identifier. This activity gives the children an experience of being called to follow.
When everyone is in the Gospel area, sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4) and invite the children to follow your gestures. Direct the children to sit in a circle with page 1 of their copies of Seeds faceup on the floor in front of them.
Sunday Gospel ● We all follow Jesus. (page 1) Share Sunday’s Gospel:
One day, Jesus was walking by Lake Galilee. This was a big lake not far from the town where Jesus grew up. Andrew and Peter were out fishing. They saw Jesus coming. Jesus called out to them, “Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Andrew and Peter got out of the boat and waded to shore. “Here we are, Jesus,” they said. “We will follow you.”
Jesus and Andrew and Peter walked farther down the shore of the lake. They saw James and John in their boat with their father, Zebedee. James and John waved. Jesus and Peter and Andrew waved back. Then Jesus called out, “Come, follow me.” James and John got out of the boat and waded to shore. “Here we are, Jesus,” they said. “We will follow you.”
These men left their jobs as fishermen to travel with Jesus and help him tell everyone how much God loves us all.
The NEW Gospel Weeklies
We all follow Jesus.
Finish coloring the picture.
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
January 21, 2018
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Volume 23, Number 3

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