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                                                      Teaching This Week’s Lesson
   Share Experiences
Objective The children will learn that Easter and spring are times of new life.
Gather in a circle and sing “He Is Risen, Alleluia!” (CD-2, #2) to begin your class session.
Gathering Prayer Pray: “Dear God, help us to listen today. We want to learn more about Jesus. Thank you for raising Jesus up and for filling us with new life too.” The children respond, “Amen. Alleluia.”
Story l An Easter Surprise Invite the children to sit in a story circle. Ask: What do you think an Easter surprise might be? Accept all answers. Then tell this story:
Marty was sitting on the porch swing at Grandma’s house when a big black car pulled up to the curb. His mom and sisters were in the kitchen with Grandma making the Easter dinner. They were taking the big ham out of the oven, mashing the potatoes, and whipping cream to put on the red Jell-O® salad. No one else is coming to Grandma’s house today, Marty thought. I wonder who is in the car.
Just then, the passenger door opened and a soldier got out. He opened the back door of the car and pulled out a big duffel bag. The soldier leaned back into the car to talk to the driver, then stepped back, slammed the car door, and waved as the car drove down the street. The soldier stood on the sidewalk and grinned at Marty. “Aren’t you going to say hello?” he asked. Marty couldn’t believe his eyes. “Uncle Davey!” Marty cried. “How come you’re here? Grandma said you were still in Afghanistan.” Uncle Davey’s smile got even bigger. “Why don’t you go tell Grandma that I’m here? Okay?”
Marty ran into the house, banging the door behind him. “Grandma!” he yelled. “Uncle Davey is here. He came in a big black car. He’s right here.” Marty grabbed Grandma’s arm to pull her toward the door. “Marty, you will make me drop this pan,” Grandma said. “But Uncle Davey is here,” Marty insisted. Grandma set the pan on the stove. “Marty, Uncle Davey is in Afghanistan. You know that.” “No, Grandma,” Marty said. “He’s outside. Come and see.”
Grandma looked at Marty’s mom, a kind of scared look. She went to the sink and washed her hands. Marty’s mom stood by her. Then Grandma said to Marty, “You’ll just have to show me where Uncle Davey is.” Marty ran to the door and looked out. The soldier was
still there, still smiling. When Grandma saw Uncle Davey, she had
to hang on to Marty for just a minute. Then Uncle Davey ran up the steps and gave his mother a big hug. “I’m home,” he said. “Just in time for Easter dinner.” It was their happiest Easter dinner ever!
Ask: What was the Easter surprise? Why didn’t Grandma believe Marty at first? Why was this Easter dinner the happiest one ever?
Activity l Signs of Easter, Signs of Life Remain
in the circle and ask: What signs of Easter do you have in your home? Accept all answers and don’t comment on them. Some possibilities: Easter cards; palm leaves; Easter eggs and Easter baskets; stuffed toys, especially rabbits and chicks; special flag to hang out; flowers; new clothes; company for dinner. After you’ve heard from all the children, ask: What do these things tell us about Easter? Cards and church items remind us that Easter is about Jesus rising to new life. Eggs, butterflies, and flowers are signs of life too. Company, a clean house, and new clothes show that Easter is an important celebration.
Cover Activity l Jesus is Risen! (page 1) Distribute Promise, pages 1–2. Invite the children to study the cover illustration to find out what story it tells. Ask: Who is the man? Why does he have sores on his hands, feet, and side? Who is the woman? Mary Magdalene. What is the cave for? Jesus’ empty tomb. Tell them they will learn more about this story when you share the Gospel with them. Direct them to move to the work area, find all the signs of life they can on the page and circle them with a pencil or crayon. Rabbits, birds, bird nest, flowers, leaves, butterfly, Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will hear and tell the Good News of Jesus’ Resurrection.
Activity l Gospel Warm-Up Sit in a story circle where you proclaim the Gospel. Ask: What do you remember from the Palm Sunday lesson? What happened to Jesus next? What is this Sunday about?
Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) to prepare the children for the proclamation of the Gospel.
Sunday Gospel l Jesus is Risen! (page 2) Direct the children’s attention to page 2 of Promise. Point out the pictures across the top of the page and read their names with the children. Read through the Gospel together once, pausing at each picture
to make sure all the children associate the picture with the name. Then assign partners and have the children take turns reading every other sentence. When the pairs have finished reading the Gospel, invite them to retell it to you in their own words.
Activity l Gospel Drama Add creative drama by asking the children to show with their faces and bodies how Mary Magdalen felt when she was walking to where Jesus was buried, when she saw the tomb was empty, when she told Peter and John about the empty tomb, when she met Jesus and he called her by
  April 1 & April 8, 2018
Easter & 2nd Sunday of Easter
Jesus is Risen.
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